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Answers to frequently asked questions gynecologist.

«Esliu chronic adnexitis me, is it true that you need to quickly give birth, or may develop infertility?»

If you inflamed uterus, then you need srochnoobratitsya to the gynecologist so that he can determine the cause of the disease.To do this, you will need to be surveyed to identify a particular infection, the only way the doctor can appoint vamlechenie - physiotherapy or medication.In no case can not become pregnant if uvas has inflammatory process, or could happen vnematochnayaberemennost.Adhesions, kotoryeobrazuyutsya after inflammation will remain forever.A adhesions that pronounced, can block the fallopian tubes and infertility develop.

«Priintimnoy proximity with a condom I feel burning and itching.This means that the ability to latex allergy? »

If time sexual intercourse, you feel a burning sensation and itching, it can be priznakomtogo that you are allergic to latex or spermicide that inogdaobrabatyvayutsya condoms, to increase their effectiveness.Initially, you need to be screened

for nalichiezabolevany that are sexually transmitted, so that you can see exactly what your problem is not an infection, but really in an allergic reaction.Who sell condoms that nesoderzhat latex - vinyl from poliuretana.Odnako before changing the usual contraceptive consult svrachom.Maybe you should try to protect gormonalnymikontratseptivami, farmateks or Navy.

«I was diagnosed - hlamidioz.Kak treat him?»

If rechidet of genital chlamydia, it can be quite dangerous because mozhetrasprostranitsya in the fallopian tubes, cervix, and will develop infertility.Chlamydia is treated not only gynecologists but idermatovenerologi, internists, urologists, immunologists - should be treated with all organizmpolnostyu.Initially, consult a specialist, he will tell you how sposobomlechitsya and prescribe medication or special treatment.

«The gynecologist said that I eroziyasheyki uterus.Do I have to burn it? »

nachalasleduet for a colposcopy and cytology pass.Even the data from these surveys to identify the cause of the disease dadutvozmozhnost and spend differentsialnuyudiagnostiku.But how to deal with this disease - it depends on tyazhestiprotsessa: laser therapy, cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen.

«I have not had time to cure chlamydia izaberemenela.Can I prodolzhatlechitsya? »

Chtobyvyyasnit sure this question we need to do special tests, Chlamydia A, Ig, G, M. If you want to continue treatment, the drugs are selected taking into account the contraindications and indications for their naznacheniyuvo while carrying a child.Curing chlamydia can starting with the 14th week using spetsialnyhbezopasnyh drugs.Moreover, vydolzhny necessarily occur obstetrician-gynecologist and perform all egorekomendatsii.During pregnancy, you can have sex without prezervativado 8th month.

«How to determine the best blagopriyatnyyden for conception?»

In seredinemenstrualnogo cycle there is a moment when the egg is released from the follicle (ovulation).This period vremenisamy favorable for conception malysha.Yaytsekletka about three dneynahoditsya active and sperm live in the woman's body for 3-5 dney.Poetomu need to remember that in a month there for 3-4 days, which yavlyayutsyanaibolee good for conception.Vosnovnom this period begins about 2 weeks donastupleniya next menstrual tsikla.Esli regulyarnyemenstruatsii you, then you can easily calculate the best time.Or zhevospolzuytes rapid tests for ovulation.

«Can we make love time monthly?»

Not recommended to experience intimacy during menstruation because sheykamatki ajar during this period, and this means that in the uterus and appendages may want to get infektsiya.Eslito have sex, use a condom.

«Can I do shaping, esliu my cyst?»

If vamdiagnostirovali ovarian cysts, then you are not allowed to engage in shaping, because there is a risk of rupture or torsion legs cyst.If, after you have found it, vyzanimalis activities, immediately contact your gynecologist and good if vyproydete ultrasound examination.Cyst - a benign tumor, the cause of which it arose, can wear a hormonal or vospalitelnyyharakter.It depends on the cause of the cyst treatment - hormonal, or anti-operative.

«How to cure genital herpes imozhno avoid any aggravation?»

If vamdiagnostirovali genital herpes, then you need to go spetsialnuyuprotivovirusnuyu therapy.To avoid recurrence only timely (pripervyh signs - redness, burning, the emergence of the bubble, pain, swelling) treatment medication.If you do not vylechitgerpes, before every menstruation will appear aggravation and etooslozhnit life of any woman.

«I have rarely, pain in the abdomen, where the ovaries are.Do I need to mneprohodit survey and what? »

Iznachalnonuzhno go to the gynecologist and pass all the tests that predlozhitdoktor.Be sure to make US organovmalogo pelvis.Lower abdominal pain may be due to gastroenterological, urological, gynecological diseases, diseases of the spine.Therefore nuzhnozapisatsya an appointment with a neurologist, gastroenterologist, urologist and Spine.

«I spayed.Does this mean that I have to resort to artificial insemination?All test results are good, but I did not get pregnant. "

vamudalili If only one ovary, it does not mean that you need to handle kpomoschi assisted reproductive technologies.First you need to carefully obsledovatsyaoboim spouses, to identify the causes of infertility.This can be spaechnyyprotsess, obstruction of pipes, male infertility and gormonalnayanedostatochnost.You need a husband poytik urology and gynecology, and so they examined you and him.

«I am 40 years, the past six months menstruatsiyadlitsya 1-2 days.This means that approaching menopause? »

If vasskudnaya menstruation, which lasts no more than two days, it does not mean that the so age comes the climax, on the contrary, to go to the gynecologist and surveyed.It is necessary to clarify the amount of blood loss primenstruatsii exclude chronic pelvic issledovatfunktsii thyroid, because these factors can say that vasrazvilsya hypomenstrual syndrome.

«Can I get pregnant in the first weeks after the removal of vnutrimatochnoyspirali?»

immediately after you have removed the spiral, you can get pregnant.However vamvse still need a few months to be protected to the inner layer of the uterus mogvosstanovitsya.

«Tell me, if you take any vaccinations and expectant parents to hand over analyzes?»

do not need any vaccinations during pregnancy planning, the only - the couple must vestizdorovy lifestyle.3-4 months dozachatiya need to start taking folic acid (prevention of birth defects).Of course, go to the gynecologist to onposovetoval you screened for any infections and possibly ponadobitsyaskhodit on ultrasound.

«I do not want to be protected itabletkami condom.Are there any contraindications for IUD? »

women who have not given birth, is not advisable to put a spiral because chtopovyshaetsya risk of developing inflammatory protsessovgenitaly.There are other methods: ivlagalischnye cervical caps, keeping biological rhythm, spermicides, coitus interruptus.

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