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Herbs for Women's Health

1. mugwort.It has antioxidant properties.The bitterness of wormwood stimulates digestion, usually plant is recommended in the absence of appetite and digestive disorders (colic, diarrhea, constipation, weakness of the gallbladder).
Application: painful periods, parasitic diseases.Restores menstrual cycle.

2. lady's mantle.It helps maintain normal blood circulation, promotes tissue scarring.It helps to recover from childbirth.Application: externally by cellulite, stretch marks and skin aging.As krovovosstanavlivayuschee a heavy menstrual period and venous insufficiency.As sitz baths - to combat belyami.

3. Stinging nettle.Nettle leaves, rich in inorganic substances, B vitamins, have a diuretic effect.Strengthen hair roots, removes dandruff.Seeds increases libido.Application: rheumatic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, physical and mental fatigue.

4. Chamomile.The anti-inflammatory properties, the ability to shoot spasms of the digestive tract.When applied topically has a softening effect, relieves itchin
g and soothes inflamed skin.Application: the intestine or stomach cramps, flatulence, inflammation of the eyes and mouth, painful periods.

5. Calendula officinalis.The antiseptic properties of the detrimental effect on staphylococci and Trichomonas.Scientifically proven anti-inflammatory effects and antiedematous.Application: has a softening effect, soothes itchy insect bites.Heals cracks in the skin, wounds, burns.Inside can be taken only under medical supervision.

6. Peppermint.It has powerful antioxidant properties.Bear in mind that small doses of peppermint, soothing, and large - tones.The essential oil gives a light analgesic effect, reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa.Application: inside - with bloating, flatulence, gallbladder dyskinesia, externally - with skin lesions, to get rid of itching.Pillow with dried leaves can help with insomnia.

7. Yarrow.It has the property to increase blood clotting (not forming blood clots).For centuries, used to stop uterine, hemorrhoids and nasal bleeding.Application: cystitis, enuresis, thrush, and uterine fibroids, inflammation of the ovaries.Improves lactation, lowers blood pressure.

8. Blindweed.Effective krovovosstanavlivayuschee means.It has the ability to stimulate the uterine muscles.Application: acyclic uterine bleeding, hemorrhoids.Relieves painful menstruation, cystitis, stones in the urinary tract and nasal bleeding.

9. St. John's wort drug.Antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent and diuretic properties, stimulates the regeneration of tissues.In Russia he was considered a grass from 99 diseases.Application: chronic gastritis, acute colitis, cholelithiasis.Also it helps with gynecological ailments, periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, neuralgia, myositis.In most cases, plant broth.

10. Salvia officinalis.It has antibacterial and antifungal activities.Due to the high content of flavonoids in the essential oil, sage can shoot spasms of the intestine.It has an antioxidant effect.Application: digestive problems (bloating, belching), fatigue, disorders of the brain.

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