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Melon and its beneficial properties

For example, folk, and now scientific medicine and melon pulp recommended to patients suffering from atherosclerosis, rheumatism, gout.And then - as anti-inflammatory or an expectorant.The healing properties of the pulp also helps rid the body of worms, small stones in the kidney or bladder, hemorrhoids, constipation.

those women who are prone to stress and even depression states, is not necessarily immediately resort to potent synthetic drugs.Return the state of mind, calm the nervous system cranky, eliminate headaches too often makes simple home remedies: fragrant pulp, for example, pickled melon.Incidentally, its soft tissue (in any form) has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract, acts as a mild laxative and a diuretic.On the other hand, melon seeds, cooked in milk, from time immemorial (and not without reason) Russian doctors advised to take in case of delay or suspected urinary bladder stones.

the guardian UTILITY

in melon They are countless.Protein - builder of amino acids.Easily
digestible carbohydrates, organic acids, pectin and nitrogenous substances.Potassium and magnesium (in aid of the heart muscle), calcium and phosphorus (to strengthen the musculoskeletal system), iron (increases blood, redox processes).And how in the flesh melon vitamins.Thiamine, carotene ("beauty vitamin"), the whole group, ascorbic acid.Finally, the seeds - essential oil.As they say, eat, and at the same time - to engage in the prevention of their health.It would be the desire.

fruit (elongated spherical melon yellow-orange) is useful for using raw, boiled, dried, frozen and pickled form.This ordinary melon will be better absorbed if it is not to eat on an empty stomach, as do, for example, many of the British breakfast and 2-3 hours after a meal.For once there is a large amount of "fruit of paradise" doctors do not recommend.This can cause abdominal cramps, painful spasms in the gastrointestinal tract and diarrhea.

There are strict contraindications.The melon should be excluded from the diet of people who suffer from diabetes, obesity, and allergies to this useful vegetable.

for prevention

Wash the fruit.Cut it into thin slices, peel, place on a sheet of plywood and dry 10 days on the window sill, where the sun's rays fall.Now that therapeutic and preventive drug is ready, it can be used as needed.For example, dried slices increase peristalsis, which is extremely important, such as constipation and hemorrhoids.Or take them for prevention (warning) of cardiovascular disease, as the melon pulp lot of folic acid.

Melon - the source of all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for full health.And that is why today is made from the juice of the melon various oils, cosmetic products.