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How it will end, than the heart to calm down

If you are in familiar surroundings suddenly feel weak, dizzy, pain or pressure in the chest, wheezing, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, do not tempt fate.This is not the case when it is appropriate self.Trust cardiologist.It will give direction to the electrocardiogram (EGC), details of which will determine the type of disease.


In some cases, more detailed understanding of the causes of the disease, doctors prescribe daily holter monitoring (24 hours put into the hands of a device that records the ECG parameters).

treatment of arrhythmias depends on the type, severity and extent of the threat to life.In some cases, strictly on the evidence, the doctor selects antiarrhythmic drugs.

Find the source.

If medications fail, surgery is recommended.One of the radical ways of treating arrhythmia is radiofrequency ablation.During the surgery through a tiny puncture in the vessel in the heart is introduced special catheter (tube), which is accurate to the millimeter determines the source
of the arrhythmia.Then the same by entering another therapeutic catheter that destroys (cauterize) "unruly" zone of radio frequency current.As a result, the working procedures of the heart to normal.This operation can cure many types of arrhythmias, but it is not recommended for everyone.

force of habit.

not shift all the responsibility for their own health on pills and modern techniques.Adhering to a healthy lifestyle, you can adjust your own heart rate.There are dangerous provocateurs of arrhythmias, from which it is easy to get rid of.First of all, alcohol smoking and frequent kofepitiya.It is these addictions are more likely to cause an irregular heartbeat.In reality, this insidious fibrillation - not a reason to give up physical activity.But the main thing - without the extreme!This illness is very helpful moderate load.

You may prefer yoga, swimming, pilates and pedestrian walks.Do not forget about proper nutrition.Often, the symptoms disappear after a prolonged arrhythmia recreation.Think about how to make a relaxation holiday period in your daily life.Try to make sure that all twelve months of the year, not just one that you spent relaxing, leaving all the troubles and worries behind.

raisins and dried apricots.

Do you know why vegetarians heart in much better condition than the ordinary people?Yes, because the muscles of the heart are very fond of vegetables and fruits (especially potassium-rich dried apricots, raisins, bananas, baked potatoes).If you fit these products, enter them in the daily diet.In addition, dried fruit improves skin condition and general well-being.

You should be very careful in the treatment of phytotherapy.Without the advice of a doctor can not do here: someone will hawthorn, and someone else valerian root.And that heart was easier to avoid stress, do not dramatize the event and not the plant for nothing.Heart you have one.

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