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Hazel in folk medicine

What parts hazel used in folk medicine?
In folk medicine the leaves, bark, stems and fruits hazel.

What are the chemicals contained in the hazel, cause its use in traditional medicine?

In folk medicine, hazel has spread due to the presence in it of a number of biologically active substances.Thus, hazel leaves contain essential oils, palmitic acid, miritsitrozid glycoside, sucrose.In the cortex are found tannins, flobafeny, lignoceric alcohol, essential oil, betulin.The use of traditional medicine hazel seeds due to the high content of fatty oil (70%), which is easily absorbed by the human body.In addition, the seeds contain about 16% protein and 2 to 5% sucrose.

Which diseases hazel is used in folk medicine?
In folk medicine, decoctions of bark used hazel for varicose veins and capillary hemorrhages.Hazelnut leaves are used to produce the infusion, which is used in cases of prostatic hypertrophy.The seeds have been used in folk medicine as a tool that can stimulate milk production in lactating w
omen.Hazel seeds also promote dissolution of stones in the case of kidney stones, prevent the accumulation of gas in the intestines.In diseases of the lungs and feverish conditions apply hazel seeds, rastёrtye water.For the treatment of burns, skin, use a mixture of seeds rastёrtyh hazel with egg white.The oil contained in the nuts, have anthelminthic action, and because of this is used in folk medicine for the treatment of helminthiasis.In the case of hair loss hazel nut oil is recommended rubbed into the scalp.Broth involucre (leaf-wrapper, which signed a nut) is recommended in folk medicine for diarrhea.

How to prepare a medicinal raw materials from hazel for further use in the recipes of traditional medicine?
hazel leaves and bark is harvested in early summer.Dried raw material collected under the eaves, in attics or in any dry and ventilated area.The fruits hazel collected in September.Ripe nuts should be easily separated from the leaf-wrapper.If the collected fruit still insufficiently matured, they put in a small handful in a dry place and leave for a while.After happen oxidation of tannins in wrapper, hazel nut shells becomes brown.Such ripened nuts are separated from the wrapper and dried for long term storage.

How to make traditional medicines from hazel?
Infusion of the leaves of hazel prescription of traditional medicine is prepared as follows: one tablespoon of chopped leaves pour a glass of boiling water, then bring to a boil, insist for an hour and filtered.The resulting number of tincture taken in one day.Similarly, the infusion is prepared from the bark of hazel.
hazel seeds have excellent taste and can be consumed raw or lightly toasted form.

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