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How to maintain healthy teeth

problems begin much earlier.Almost every woman suffers a lifetime of periodontal inflammation - gums and teeth.We notice it because of bleeding when brushing your teeth, often without perceiving how serious symptom.In reality, bleeding gums - one of the signs of gingivitis.This disease leads to future periodontitis and tooth loss is reversible only at the initial stage.At this stage of the forces with him to handle any - you need to carefully take care of the oral cavity with the help of specially designed tools.Without the help of expert advice and can not do, but a lot can be done most.The main task - to neutralize the bacteria in the mouth, so they are not attached to the tooth surface and form dangerous plaque.Thorough daily dental hygiene prevents the formation of plaque and gingivitis.

complete oral hygiene is not possible without cleaning the tongue.On its surface it accumulates a large amount of harmful microbes, which in many ways is the cause of bad breath.To remove plaque you need a tongue sc
raper or brush with a special coating.Always start with the cleaning of the tongue, gradually moving scraping movements and cleans the front surface.An important caveat: in diseases of the stomach and LORorganov (chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis), tongue and teeth clean in the morning before a meal is necessary.Use your brush correctly!

It is not necessary to brush your teeth after every meal.Carefully enough to do it in the morning and evening.Brushing the teeth and gums is recommended by doctors for at least 3 minutes, right to left, moving from side portions to the center, with a first outer surface, and then the inside.Brush head at an angle of 45 ° to the tooth and do sweeping movements from the gum to the tooth.Rounding out the cleaning massage gums - with light pressure do circular motion with the capture of the teeth and gums in the serried teeth.

Manual or "machine"?

Toothbrushes are manual and automatic (electric and ultrasonic).The latter are removable and the micro timer.By controlling the rotational speed of the movements, they are well removed plaque, reaching the most remote areas.With regard to the traditional "manual" models, it is best to choose a brush with dense bristles soft or medium hardness.It penetrates into the space between the teeth, it does not injure the periodontal tissues and easily removes plaque from all tooth surfaces.The maximum lifetime of any brush - 3 months.

to prevent dental plaque is also recommended to use special dental rinses.They prevent the re-emergence of microbes.Rinse mouth is best to be in the evening and the next morning after brushing.Also for the removal of dental plaque between proschelinami should be carried out with the help of dental floss.They sell such products in dental centers and conventional pharmacies.And most of considerable rule: try to visit the dentist every two-three months.This will save you from all kinds of diseases of the teeth and gums.