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Medicinal plant buckthorn

What parts of the plant are considered to be medicinal buckthorn?
For therapeutic purposes, is used primarily with the bark of young trunks buckthorn.The fruits of buckthorn also has some medicinal properties, but are used much less frequently in medicine.

presence of any chemicals does buckthorn medicinal plants?
In the cortex contains oksimetilantrahinony buckthorn.When stored in the crust formed glyukofrangulin, which is enzymatically cleaved into a molecule of glucose and frangulin, decays into reoemidin and rhamnose.As part of buckthorn bark are also found emodin izoemodin, anthranol, chrysophanol.

Which diseases using medicinal properties of the plant buckthorn?

Medicinal preparations made from the bark of buckthorn, used as a liquid extract or water decoction for treatment of chronic colitis and as a mild laxative for constipation.The bark is added to the composition of the medical protivogemorroynyh and laxatives fees.In folk medicine, a decoction of the bark of buckthorn is used for gas
tric and duodenal ulcers.Ripe fruits of buckthorn are used for therapeutic purposes in diseases of the liver and how worming agent.

How to prepare buckthorn bark for future use for medicinal purposes?
As a therapeutic raw materials harvested from the bark of young trunks or plant buckthorn with its thick branches.Carry out procurement work in the spring or early summer, when the plant begins active sap flow.On the cut trunks or branches of buckthorn make cuts with a sharp knife or an ax, and then clean off the crust towards the top.Thus collected from plant bark is separated into pieces with a length up to half, and then subjected to drying them.Another method of separating buckthorn bark is pre-applied to the cut branches of the transverse cuts at a distance of 30-50 cm and then connect their longitudinal incision.Thereafter the bark removed in the form of tubes.To prevent mold growth should not be raised to put a tube into one another.

buckthorn bark drying is carried out under the eaves, in attics, barns, and in good weather just in the shadow of the wind.
It should be noted that the harvested and dried bark of buckthorn plants for medicinal purposes can be used, not earlier than one year.This is due to the fact that fresh bark plants contain substances that cause human nausea and vomiting.

How to prepare and apply the decoction of the plant buckthorn?
To prepare decoctions of buckthorn bark need to take 2 tablespoons shredded bark, place them in an enamel pan and pour one cup of boiling water.Then, the contents of the pan was heated in a boiling water bath for 30 minutes.After cooling, buckthorn bark decoction is filtered and adjusted volume of boiled water to a full glass.

Take a remedy prepared from the plant buckthorn on a half glass empty stomach in the morning or at night.Keep decoction should be no more than two days.Side effects when taking a decoction of properly harvested and dried bark of buckthorn is usually not observed.

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