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Fermentation products

They inhibit the absorption of nutrients.Lactobacilli help digest lactose (it is poorly digested by the adult organism)."Pay the money shop selling miso, not the doctor" - a saying of the ancient Edo period (Japan).

fermented product contains living organisms, so treat it with care. The store such products must be in the cooling section, the packageIt must be the inscription "live active cultures" (pasteurized products do not contain live cultures).

One of the nation's Korean food is often used when cooking cabbage with hot pepper, garlic and ginger. Recent studies have shown that this cabbage can be much more effective infighting cancer than raw or boiled.

This is the main drink of the Caucasus and Central Asia. It has a pleasant sour taste. Contains more probiotics than yogurt. It is the most famous rich lactobacilli product in the American diet. Homemade yogurt has a liquid consistency and a richertaste unlike yoghurt factory production.

very popular in Germany, it is a source of vitamin C. I
t is known a story associated with sauerkraut.British captain and explorer James Cook gave his ship a lot of sauerkraut and thus saved his team from scurvy.

fermentation of soy for several years in wooden vats, then to make of it the traditional Japanese seasoning.Studies have shown that women who regularly consume miso, reduces the risk of breast cancer by 50%.

neutral flavor of Indonesian soy-based product makes it ideal for cooking spices and sauces.Also protects against cancer rate (rice milk).Because of its sweetness out of it make excellent products.It enriches the same crops as miso.

It is very acidic (a sign of the high content of lactic acid bacteria) and low-alcohol drink made from stale bread.Abroad, he became known for the novel "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy (kombucha).This fizzy drink produced from tea.

Kombucha were first used in China.The fermented sprouted grain water.He is often credited to combat candida yeast infections due to its high content of probiotics.

Taki products will help you maintain a healthy body and protects you from the pesky "female" problems.So when you go to the market for food, do not forget to grab the same time and miso pace.These products are natural and therefore very popular among people who maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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