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Than to treat obstructive bronchitis?

In urban environments the respiratory system of the human body is in special risk because inhalation every day attacked by solid particles of dust, exhaust fumes, pathogenic micro-organisms - all this impairs the functioning of the internal surface of the bronchi in different directions.In one direction pass gets goblet cells, which are responsible for producing a special protective mucus to the bronchial tubes.This layer is produced by the body to protect it from external factors that may disrupt the epithelium.The thinner layer of protective mucus, the more susceptible to the adverse effects of the bronchi of the environment.

the second direction attacked the cilia of the bronchi, which are responsible for protection from dust and germs and the aggressive attack of the environment is reduced mucociliary activity of the bronchi.

the third direction decreases the tension of local immunity.In the lumen of the bronchial tree macrophages are always moving, which is also called the guards of our bronchi,
which upon detection of any trapped bacteria begin to attack them and eventually absorb them.If respiratory constantly in severe environmental conditions, reduced the effectiveness of these macrophages.

elasticity also decreases the small bronchial tubes that lead to the reduction of the bronchi.

How to identify and treat than obstructive bronchitis?
One sign of obstructive bronchitis is a constant not passing coughing.Such cough means that the body is trying to fight against the external environment.The disease develops very slowly and thus cough may appear and disappear with the cough may only be the only sign of this disease for several years.However, doctors may even recommend a patient to relocate to more favorable.The second sign is a whistling noise in the respiratory system, which arises due to difficulties in exhalation air through the narrow bronchioles.This person becomes difficult to exhale air.

In order to effectively deal with this pathology the patient is vital to stop smoking and change the work environment if it is in an environmentally disadvantaged areas of the city.You can also change their place of residence, at least for the summer to move to the country.In the treatment of obstructive bronchitis physicians primarily prescribers, which provide an extension of the lumen in the bronchi, and if necessary, drugs that reduce the increased secretion of mucus and other symptomatic drugs.

When complications doctors can be assigned even hormones.To permanently cure obstructive bronchitis need to use complex treatment, while doctors should take into account a number of factors that will correctly diagnose.It should all remember the main rule that disease prevention is better than cure.

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