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Full body cleansing at home

intestinal cleansing.In the chilled boiled water (2 l.) Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.The prepared liquid is poured into a mug Eksmarha.One end of the tube dip in vegetable oil.If an enema posture should be the - on the knees and elbows.Mouth to breathe, the stomach should be relaxed.Enema is preferably carried out in 5-7 hours after the emptying of the body naturally.During the first week of the procedure is recommended to carry out every day, the second week - after day, in the third - every two days, the fourth - every three days, in the coming weeks - once a week.

method of combating dysbiosis.Within two weeks, eat garlic cloves for about an hour before going to lunch and in the evening one clove of garlic after two hours of both ate.

fight against dysbiosis, cleaning the body and separate power supply is recommended to start at the same time.You need to enter into the diet of porridge and other cereals.In no case do not use a laxative to clean the body.

Cleaning liver.As soon as the bowels, can prepare to clean the liver - it is for a week try to eat vegetarian food, and regularly clean the intestines.After a week in the morning the first day of fasting do an enema.It should be a day of drinking apple juice is natural in any quantity.And the second and also the third day follow the same rule.On the third day, at seven o'clock in the evening juice drink stop.Go to bed, in the area of ​​the liver put a heating pad, and every fifteen minutes should drink 3 tablespoons vegetable or olive oil refined and be sure to wash down with three tablespoonslemon juice.It will take all procedures to about 200 ml.lemon juice and oils.You can even hold a hot water bottle for 2-3 hours, then go to bed.The intestines react when to begin to highlight Bilirubin green stones.Basically there about three or four times.Then try again to make a cleansing enema and slightly breakfast.
liver cleanse must be repeated every 3 weeks.

Cleaning joints.An excellent method to clean the joints - bay leaves - 5 g.Dipped in 300 ml.water, boil for 5 minutes, then you need to insist at least 3-4 hours in a thermos.After 12 hours, the solution drain and drink in small sips throughout the 3 days - do not try to drink all at once, as this can cause excessive bleeding.A week later, the procedure is recommended to repeat.During treatment, you need to be on a vegetarian diet.

Cleaning joints held the first year once a quarter.After that it will be enough, and once a year, but must carry out after the bowels.

Cleaning kidneys.In summer, during the week, eat only one watermelon with black bread.After some time, the urine will come together and rock or sand.

Genitourinary System.For a clean home offers rice for breakfast.To do this, prepare a 5 half-liter jars.The first bank to sprinkle 2 tablespoons of rice, cover with cold water and leave crude a day.On the second day, wash the rice, fill with fresh, cold water and let macerate for five days.In five days you have to be busy all the jars of rice and rice in the first jar is ready for use, only need to cook and eat without butter and salt.After that you need to abstain during the four hours of receiving drinking.Do not forget to immediately fill the vacant bank a new portion of rice.