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Clean facial skin without acne

Almost all owners of problematic skin, hurt her, squeezing pimples.This leads to the formation of depressions that does not look aesthetically pleasing, and very often, we just do not spread the infection to the infected areas of the skin, thereby causing the emergence of new pimples.The maximum that can be done is already "ripe", which has a white head pimple with clean hands and clean immediately cauterize the place of alcohol to no infection has not penetrated.

How can we prevent acne.First of all we need to use specialized, precisely matched to your skin type means, preferably bought at a pharmacy, but of course, these tools cost money and are often small.Wash better special gels to cleanse the skin, and after washing, wipe the face tonic, and to use a cream.There are cosmetics brands that are not so much but the effect of it is still there, so be guided in choosing the amount you can spend.

There are several auxiliary recipes that will help you get back on the warpath with pimples.
1. In the morning, after you wake up, just drink a glass of cold water on an empty stomach, it will help bring toxins accumulated during the night and cheer.
2. The water for washing, add a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, but do not overdo it, you need a solution to a weak, or too dry your skin.
3. In the morning, wipe the face with ice, it is better wrapped in a cloth, and the person does not burn and do not catch cold.
4. Be sure to make a face mask, here are some recipes:
• tomatoes and cucumbers, cut into thin slices and apply on your face for ten - fifteen minutes;
• Grate carrots, mix with cream cheese and keep the mixture on your face for ten minutes, then rinse with cold water;
• brew oatmeal with boiling water, cool and used as a mask;
• You can use a mixture of herbs: wild strawberry leaves, plantain, currant, lime flowers and grass Yarrow, 4 tablespoons of each, it is necessary to grind very finely in a mortar, and then diluted with hot water to the consistency of thick cream.Cool to room temperature and applied to ten - fifteen minutes.

Treating Acne is a complex procedure, which also included and special diets that embody an exception, salty, spicy and overly fatty foods, as well as containing a large amount of protein.The diet should be more fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat, poultry and fish.
to begin treatment still recommend a consultation with a dermatologist, and then start the procedure.

clean facial skin without acne - it is a reality, the main thing to do everything recommended by us advice on a regular basis, even if you get rid of the problems need to maintain a visible improvement and continue treatment.It is possible that you have and the secrets that help achieve healthy skin, use them, do it constantly and lovingly to yourself !!

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