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Useful than honey massage

But above all, it should be said that honey massage is useful not for everyone.It is not recommended for hypertension, elevated temperature and during menstruation, with varicose veins on the legs, as well as people with abundant scalp.

all the rest of it will only benefit - to cleanse the body, improve health, and even cheer up.So, what is useful honey massage?

honey - a natural substance, so all a huge amount of nutrients contained in it is much better absorbed than the same substances and synthetically produced, in addition, to exclude them overdose.Substances that contain honey, actively cleanse the skin, penetrating into its surface layer - the result after 15 minutes of massage transparent honey turns into a dirty yellow or gray flakes, moving from the skin all the toxins and the skin itself becomes a smooth, clean and supple.Due to these same properties of honey massage is very useful in the treatment of cellulite (subcutaneous fat capsules dissolve), however, to fully get rid of it, you need a
few massages.In addition, the wonderful honey hydrates and perfumes the skin.

However, the use of honey massage is not limited to cosmetic effect.As you know, all of our internal organs, muscles and joints are closely related with skin.A penetrating action of biologically active substances of honey is very large, so are cleaned of toxins, even internal organs and metabolic processes are accelerated.No wonder so many women, talking about the benefits of honey massage, say that after the fly, "as if on wings."

honey massage is very useful for the nervous system.He got rid of fatigue, relieve stress, help with sleep disorders.Moreover, he is one of the components in the course of treatment of neurasthenia.

Do not take honey massage only as a cosmetic procedure.It is important that the therapist is not only working on the "problem area", for example, that part of the body where cellulite as often happens in the showrooms.The fact is that then the body is an imbalance between the parts of the body temperature and neuronal activity, which may lead to an aggravation of chronic diseases, which would negate the benefits of honey massage.It is necessary to process the honey whole body, not forgetting about the hands that are rarely associated cosmetic problems, but to ensure good circulation of energy and should be massaged as well.

After the massage, the honey must be washed.Sometimes it simply erase with a towel, and it is unacceptable.Because honey has absorbed a lot of harmful substances, and now it must be completely removed from the body, and this is impossible if you just erase it - it is better to know in advance whether you can use the shower in the cabin.

After honey massage is useful to drink green tea or red.The fact that honey binds fluid in the body, which also applies to its beneficial properties, but the fluid deficit, which occurs after such a severe exposure to the organism, it is best to fill.And if done right, honey massage will bring you great benefit.

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