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Herbal treatment of diseases affecting women

It is clear that if we begin to treat all the diseases only medication therapy, ie tablets, you will have the day drinking a handful medication.For what it may lead, it is not difficult to guess: very quickly you can "put" the liver, damage the kidneys, in a word, by saying "one treat, another cripple."
So pessimist might think that the situation is pretty bleak: if started to hurt, it hurt him to continue ... But let's all let us not despair, the more that nature gives us a marvelous medicinal products - medicinal plants.
Few women realize that each plant has a very broad spectrum of action.Usually when we buy at the pharmacy packaging of herbs, we can read about her in the presence of the grass one or two properties, such as chamomile has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.Meanwhile, in the most seemingly ordinary plants there are more than twenty medicinal properties.Taking this into account, you can create a collection of medicinal plants, which can be successfully used with the whole "bouquet"
of diseases.The fact is that every herb in this collection will be "working" on several fronts.
Simply explain a specific example.Take a fairly frequent "bouquet".To do this, remember the health statistics, which in this country of 23 million. Women suffer from hypertension, and consider how one violation link (high blood pressure) leads to complex diseases.
Indeed, with age, rarely who manage to avoid hypertension.Especially frustrating is the fact that hypertension is very much "younger" - is now a problem with blood pressure occur in very young people between thirty and older.
At the same time, high blood pressure, is nothing like neurosis vessels.In other words, neurosis and hypertension - the links of one chain.
One reason for high blood pressure is also an atherosclerosis of the blood vessels, which will necessarily have to consider when drawing up the collection of medicinal herbs.
course, overweight due to a decrease in metabolism, also contributes to the development of hypertension.
On the other hand, in itself, high blood pressure can lead to a variety of diseases.This left ventricular hypertrophy, heart failure, and varicose veins and cause thrombosis, and diabetes, and violation of the trophic retinal threatening big trouble.
Most women more and more often complain of headaches and back pain.It is caused by lack of calcium in the body.Therefore, you should give credit to vitamins, eat more nuts, drink milk.These products will help you get rid of back pain and strengthen bones.Vitamins, in turn, will help to strengthen the protective functions of the whole organism.