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Nervous breakdowns and their expression

Objective: To reveal the hidden psychological causes
seems that failures occur for nothing, but to disrupt may be good reasons hidden in the unconscious part of the psyche of women.Will counseling therapist, using techniques of psychoanalysis, art therapy (drawing, sculpture, drama), a special breathing technique.One frequent cause is post-traumatic stress disorder: the situation for a long time has passed, life was adjusted - but sometimes without psychological correction may affect its consequences for years if not a lifetime.
Objective: To lose weight
not always overweight is linked: a metabolic disorder or a genetic predisposition, it is often a psychological problem when a woman is "jammed" his troubles.Therapists will learn to cope with difficult situations without overeating.
Objective: To restore the inner balance of the body
Western medicine has in the arsenal of direction, there are a few centuries, and promoting harmonization of the body - is homeopathy.The basic principles of homeopa
thy - "like cures like" and "the principle of small doses."
Purpose: To check the hormonal
primarily female nervous system reacts to hormonal signals that it sends our endocrine system via hormones.Often, these two systems are combined in the concept of "neurohormonal regulation of vital activity."So complete picture of changes in hormonal levels may be the key to unraveling the seemingly inexplicable and seemingly unreasonable nervous breakdowns.
Purpose: To fix the spine
If the wrong position of the vertebrae occur clamps and other changes in the nerves emerging from the spinal column - and it is from these nerves depends on the normal regulation of the work of our entire body.Chiropractic aims to restore the normal position of the vertebrae - possibly, irritability and nervousness after the course of such procedures will disappear by themselves.
Purpose: To adjust the state of the autonomic nervous system
often irritability, bouts of weakness, sleep disturbances, etc.vegetative phenomenon - a sign of imbalance of the autonomic nervous system, responsible for the regulation of the internal organs.Adjusting its state, you can quickly "to improve the character."
Objective: To increase vitality, strengthen the body's defenses
nervous system is one of the first to respond to the decline in the overall vitality and exhaustion.It may be enough health-improving action of water, herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients, that is, spa treatments: oil massages and ayurvedcheskih fitovann different types.While these procedures are derived from the body toxins, strengthens the immune system, relieves stress, muscle aches disappear, improves mood, increases vitality, normalizes sleep.

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