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Exercise therapy and therapeutic massage

daily rubbing of the skin with a brush to the body with a natural bristle brush increases blood circulation and eliminates the accumulated fat.Beauticians recommend the procedure for those who want to get rid of cellulite."Worked out" body brush before showering.

to relieve tension.Relax after a day will help a very simple therapeutic massage.Lie down, bend your legs.Fingertips of his right hand slowly massaging in a circular motion region of the left collarbone, then the left hand massage the area of ​​the right clavicle.Now raise your left arm and tightly clasped her right hand, move from the armpits to the elbow.In the same way muscles massaged his right hand.

Simple gymnastics hands.Clasping the wrist, raised the brush, and then lower the brush.Repeat this movement 10 times.The following exercise: clasp wrist.The pad of the thumb in a circular motion massaging from wrist to elbow and back cavity.Now place your right hand and the fingertips of his left hand massaging from wrist to the elbow.

Feet requires a lot more care and attention than they usually get.Every day, after a bath or shower, wires pulverizing foot massage: clenching a fist and lightly pressed, slowly drawn from the fingertips to the heel.Repeat 20 times.

To avoid unpleasant sensations in the legs after a hard day, every day makes this massage: first of all, you should grind her hips, then probed movements massaging his knees.Likewise worked shin, then the ankles, toes and heels, and then again rises to the hips.After the massage, get up and shake your feet alternately.

Winter - it's a real challenge for health.The easiest and most effective way to protect the skin during the cold season - daily rubbing warming means.At the heart of the protection warming means is a unique component - purtselinovoe oil.This substance - similar coating on the skin and feathers, and reliably protecting from hypothermia.Thanks to it, your skin will be protected even at low temperatures.

ready for winter, do not forget to buy such funds.With such a make-your skin is not afraid nor snow, nor storm, nor the cold!
winter, your skin is supercooled, starts to peel off and there is dryness.Therefore, in the cold season, it is best to wear gloves and use special means winter type.It also helps in regular cold drink hot tea and taking baths.

Massage also improves blood circulation and therefore it is recommended daily.Blood thus warming up.
massages are also recommended for pregnant women, children and newborns.Self-massage - this massage treatment at home.Therefore it is recommended to carry out therapeutic massage in the evening, and preferably at bedtime.Believe me, after some time you really see significant results.

And if you have a constant headache, you can also carry out self-massage of the head.To do this, put your fingers on the head (whiskey) and massage until until the headache will not pass.

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