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Eye Treatment without surgery

it is imperative to find out what caused the discomfort.As a rule, in violation of natural moisture in the beginning there is a feeling of a foreign body in the eye, tearing, later replaced by a stable dry."Dry eye syndrome" - so called this state of medicine.

Among the main reasons for the drying of the cornea ophthalmologists called beriberi, a reaction to taking certain medications.It is also observed that are more prone to this disorder allergies.Most

initially healthy people "earned" this problem because of adverse external factors (bad ecology, electromagnetic radiation).Still, most of the problem refer to the optometrist office workers (those who work with monitors and computers).So the first thing doctors advise to those who spend hours sitting "buried" in the screen, try to blink more often, accustom themselves to such "nictitans" gymnastics.We must make it a rule to blink at least once in half a minute, and then - every 5-10 seconds.It does not interfere with concentration, on the contrary
- distracts stinging and dryness in the eyes.

Very few people think about the fact that "dries" eye not only monitor, but also air conditioning.This device - is not uncommon, and accompanies us at work, in shops, in the car and at home.Even being switched to a neutral mode, not to mention the heating, air-conditioning, most deprived of air moisture.The same applies to any heating devices.

Treatment and prevention of the syndrome of "dry eye", usually by means of a series of drugs "artificial tears".In view of this clear drops, often in a compact package that easily fit into a purse.Usually, doctors recommend to dig the eye 3 to 8 times a day.

There are artificial tears gel with a thicker consistency and duration of action.But these drugs only for a short time, "extinguish" syndrome, the cause of an illness does not go away, so you must pass an eye examination.For the prevention of disease should be installed in indoor air humidifiers.For those who spend much time at the computer, it is recommended to see to it that the distance between the monitor was not less than 50 cm, and the center of the screen fell to 10-20 cm lower than eye level.

working on the computer?Run every hour a few simple exercises to train your vision.
1. Lean back, close your eyes, roll the eyeballs from left to right and vice versa, at 10 times.
2. Press the fingertips of whiskey and quickly blinked 15 times.
3. Take a deep breath, as much as possible with her eyes shut.Hold your breath for a few seconds, open your eyes as you exhale.
4. Close your eyes and eyelids gently massage with fingertips in a clockwise direction.
5. Keep your head straight, raise your gaze as high as possible to the ceiling, and then as low as possible.Do it 10 times.

If these exercises are performed daily, vision improves.Therefore, our advice to you: If you want to have healthy vision into old age, follow all of the above instructions and the quality of your view, is much improved.And also be sure to walk through consultation with an ophthalmologist.

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