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Recuperation after illness

So what is it - recuperation after an illness?In this article we describe in detail - how to recuperate the fastest way without putting new risk their health.

presenting some principles for the speedy recovery from illness:

- From beginning to end disease drink plenty of fluids - whether tea, juice, broth or just water.Important least liters a day.

- Try not to overwork your body with excessive TV watching or reading.To restore power more appropriate healthy sleep - and the longer the better.

- Nice and cozy atmosphere can also influence the process of recuperation.

- After temperature returned to normal just try not to overdo it - walk less often, and often ventilate the room.Nor should immediately proceed to the household chores.Still, if you had to do homework - take breaks to recuperate for about 15 minutes every half hour.

- Wash with warm water.

- If you have an illness appetite - do not force yourself to eat through force.

- Sleep during the day for 2-3 hours.

- are gradually returning

to the old way of life.Walk, gradually increasing the length of walks from 10 minutes to 40 minutes.

- that the disease is not repeated, try to avoid drafts, as well as damp and wet areas.

- Begin to play sports immediately after the disease, and it is better in 2-3 weeks.The efficiency and power will be restored more quickly if you go to bed no later than 10 pm.

- Dress for the weather.Do not dress in the cold too easily, and not in the heat of Kuta.

not hinder the rehabilitation reception of vitamins and a full meal.Rich necessary substances, food can quickly regain lost during the illness forces.

Aromatherapy - a means of reducing the body perfectly.To kick-start the day fit needles and citrus oils.In the evening, more appropriate, such as the lemon balm oil, mint and lavender.If the house does not have a flavor, you can use tools such as orange or lemon peel.Spread them all over the apartment and they are their aroma, as well as, for example, ground coffee beans, will be fragrant and recover your strength.

also can be done to restore inhalation.15-20 minutes on such herbs as mint, chamomile, oregano or lemon balm will not only warm the respiratory tract, but also serve as a good beauty products for the face and neck.Through open the pores and will leave remnants of the disease.

Another important prerequisite for a successful recovery forces in the body is the correct diet.After suffering a sickness stick to a light diet.So lost your body disease nutrients and proteins, vitamins and calories, and help return quickly to his feet.

What products can be included in the menu?This is steamed, and boiled fish and meat, raw or steamed vegetables, sauerkraut, cheese and other dairy products.Do not forget about the sausage, cereals - oats or semolina, dried apricots.Drink all sorts of fruit drinks: jelly, teas and fruit drinks.A delicious tea with jam or cocoa raise your spirits!

For products that are not recommended to be used include dairy products such as sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt and sour.Eliminate time on chocolate, walnuts and pine nuts.

But with marinades, sauces and pickles, fatty and fried food will have to wait.Coffee and spirits is contraindicated at all!

Love your body - help it!

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