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Treatment of hot stones

In today's practice warm stones treatment of colds, problems associated with the gastrointestinal tract, immune and metabolic disorders, gynecological and urological systems.In addition, stone therapy has the perfect solution for dealing with psychological and nervous problems.And in cosmetology - perfectly cope with cellulite, excess weight, reduced skin elasticity of the face and entire body.

in stone therapy can be used only stones and rocks of volcanic origin - it can be both basalt and jade, jasper, shungite can even sea pebbles.They keep their warm and oriental legends contain huge energy forces of fire, water, metal, earth and wood.

When sympathetic treatment of the method of combining the hot and cold stones, such as cold marble alternated with warm sea pebbles.Fifty-four black and eighteen stone warm white cold (temperatures can reach as low as minus ten).This option is used in contrast relieve stress, in cosmetics to improve skin tone.

hot stones treatment session lasts about 25 minutes t

o 1.5 hours depending on the patient's condition.Specially prepared for the procedure to help aromatic oils are applied all over the body, followed by a gentle massage of hands.Only then - massage with warm stones.Doctor - reflexologist leads them all over the body, activating point, is responsible for determining the body.In cosmetology: Stones laid out on certain points along the spine, arms, legs, feet.Stones, giving heat, increase metabolism and improve blood flow, this is achieved by detoxification of the body, that is, the cleansing of toxins and impurities.In this case, the body mobilizes all forces to self-healing.

As most experts say: energy, give off heat the stones are very favorable for the inhabitants of temperate and cool climate, as we suffer "cold diseases".It results from the prophylactic treatment of stone therapy is very effective, it is possible that in the near future, hot stone treatments will take a worthy position in medicine as a proven method for centuries.

Stone Therapy - unfortunately not a panacea for all ills, and therefore has contraindications.So Be careful before you go to the spa-salon or other medical institution treatment with warm stones you should consult your doctor - reflexologist.

in different institutions of health and beauty, this procedure can be quite different in their quality and results, and application.In modern cosmetic centers it offers a bracing, refreshing and relaxing method.

result the prevention and treatment of warm stones depends on the qualifications and competent doctors.Search center or clinic, as well as on the advice of a professional is.And remember that the beautiful rainbow and advertising, indicating that the stone therapy has no contraindications - in this case do not work professionals.

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