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Traditional medicine: women's diseases

gastro, cholecystitis and pancreatitis - long investigation uncovered pylorus - the valve that separates the stomach from the acidic environment of the alkaline medium 12 duodenal ulcer.Next is a peptic ulcer.However, peptic ulcer disease is no if it is not degenerated into a character.There can jazvochka small diameter of 1 cm and a depth of about 1 mm to influence so that the patient will pale depleted, low hemoglobin.It uncovered the pylorus leads to digestive disorders, lack of building materials in the body - amino acids, enzymes alkaline moving 12 duodenal ulcer in the stomach, and gastric acid - in the 12-duodenum that causes pain, heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth, belching air.The official medicine is not only says nothing about the pylorus, but does not know the reasons why it occurs uncovered.The causes are as follows:
first - is the use of alkaline foods for a long time.For example, a vegetable diet in which are excluded from the diet of cottage cheese, eggs, sour cream, pickled vegetabl

es and salt.Second - vertebrogastralny syndrome.
What is it?If a woman has an osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine, it may influence the motility of the stomach and intestines, restraining nerve roots.The third reason - it is stress, which can be excited when the vagus nerve.But his excitement leads to relaxation of the pylorus, diarrhea and so on.The fourth reason - the closure of the pylorus is the appearance in the stomach hydrochloric acid.
In traditional medicine, very little attention is paid to the fact that the digestive pancreatic enzymes, hydrochloric acid and pepsin of the stomach and still perform the function of endogenous - enter the blood and digested internal fat (the released fatty acids needed for muscle power), digested with the old,atypical and damaged (including cancer) cells.
What does the term "endogenous function"?Endogenous
function means working within the body, unlike otekzogennoy-allocation of feces, urine, sweat, mucus beyond.Recall that from food proteins are normally degraded to amino acids and fats, glycerol and fatty acid.If the amino acids and fatty acids enter the blood and lymph in glycerol, dilution occurs lymph and blood pressure is reduced, the heart begins to work well, the body is restored.
What specifically needs to be done for this?First you have to organize the work of the pylorus.Pylori help close after transfer of food from the stomach into the duodenum 12 can be a simple dispersal of salt.If a woman does not overeat and fed in accordance with the doctor's recommendations, the process of digestion in the stomach lasts about 30-40 minutes, after which it enters the duodenum 12.Therefore
30-40 minutes after a meal should be put in the mouth a little bit (pinch) salt, hold it in the mouth until dissolved salt and swallow saliva.As a result, the stomach, hydrochloric acid and allocate closed pylorus.But if as a result of power mostly alkaline foods uncovered pylorus became chronic, the necessary procedures with the reception meal of vegetables:
take cake with fresh cabbage or carrots (allowed them to alternate) 1 every day in the morning for 1 hour before a meal in the amount of 2-4 tbsp.spoons.Oil cake can be mixed with sour cream and add some salt, so it will be easier to swallow.Once in the stomach, cakes absorb got there the contents of 12 duodenal ulcer and allow the cells of the stomach and pylorus recover.
Recall cake formed from fresh vegetables in the juicer to make juice.Every morning, preparing cake again.During this period, to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract to take a good brew on celandine 1 / 3-1 / 2 cup half an hour before meals three times a day.
How long should you keep these procedures?Usually 3-4 weeks is enough.This move immediately to proper nutrition, which is mainly present in acidic products.

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