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What should I do to easily passed births

I wanted to know everything about that at the moment of birth to be fully prepared.But the pregnancy made me very scattered and forgetful.And every time I come to the hospital to see a doctor with whom agree that it will take my birth, forget everything I wanted to ask.
And then I came up with a way out.Just wrote a list that lists all your questions.The next appointment with the doctor, I read out the list, and the doctor was not surprised, patiently answered all the questions.

list of questions was about the:
1. What tests should be an exchange card and which applications should be written to allow to give birth in the hospital?
2. How much time before delivery to sign exchange card?
3. Is there any partnership hospital births?If so, what should be done to the husband was allowed to attend the birth?
4. What do I need to buy for delivery (obstetrical kit baby kit or buy everything you need on the list itself?).
5. Which of the items (bedding, clothing, and other clothing) will need to give birth t

o himself, her husband and child?
6. What is the temperature in the hospital?It is necessary to know, to somehow count, what the child will wear and dress herself.I bypassed the question, considering it silly, and as a result took for himself a warm coat this though.With the temperature in the room was 28!As a result, her husband put on a T-shirt - bathrobe was not useful.
7. In what dress to give birth and what to wear her husband?
8. If there are gaps, they will be sutured under anesthesia or not?If so, under what anesthesia?
9. When and which vaccinations will be made to the child?
10. Is there any hospital rooming-in ward mother and child?Is it possible that my husband was with me in the House?
11. Does the child will make the breast in the delivery room immediately after birth?
12. What can I prevent explosions take place before birth?
13. When will fight what the gap between them should be to be the basis of a call the doctor?
14. To what week of pregnancy, the doctor will not insist on the induction of labor?
15. Can I eat and drink during labor at home and in the delivery room, and after the birth of a child?If so, what?
16. What hours are allowed family visits?Let them for it in the House?
17. If labor will begin at night or not to replace the doctor, the doctor is still to come?
18. The room is equipped with maternity and prenatal Chamber?Is it possible to fights and vain attempts to walk, stand, sit, ieexperience them as you're comfortable?
19. Can it be a situation because of which the doctor did not come to give birth?What course of action would be in this case, and a doctor will be able to replace him?(It's wise to get to know this doctor).
20. Do I have to agree beforehand on the House or can be negotiated on the spot?
21. In what cases do on labor induction of labor?
22. In some cases, puncture the bubble?
23. Are epidural or some else?
24. On what day after birth occurs statement and how it goes?

course, perhaps some of these issues at birth, you do not even remember, but can be confident that "keep everything under control."The most important thing - a positive attitude and confidence that everything will be fine!I wish you a light delivery and healthy babies!