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What photodermatitis?

course, ultraviolet rays are useful to humans, but onizhe and bring harm.To build and strengthen our bones organizmutrebuetsya vitamin D, which is great effect on the absorption of calcium, and so, under the influence of solar onsinteziruetsya luchey.Osobenno in need kids to avoid the disease is not rahitom.Tolko fanatically to treat this, because otherwise exert excessive dozyultrafioletaharmful effects.It violates the structure of the skin fibers makes her age, appear premature wrinkles.Moreover, because of zaizbytochnogo sun exposure can develop tumors.

There are many diseases that are called photodermatosis is photodermatitis arising under the influence of sunlight.When the body is going through such ailments mnogiereaktsii: photoallergic, fototravmaticheskie, phototoxic.

Fototravmaticheskie reactions occur as a result of excessive and solnechnogooblucheniya priznakifotodermatita first manifested in the form of sunburn.In addition, for each person with a different tipomkozhi time in the sun,

which causes burns, sovershennoraznoe.So, for example, obladatelismugloy skin can sunbathe for hours without consequences, and people who have kotoryhryzhie hair and white as cream leather at the same time will have a strong ozhog.Pri burn, those skin areas that were under vozdeystviemsolnechnogo light throughsome vremyakrasneyut, moreover, can appear blisters with watery fluid, pain vporazhennyh places, burning and itching.

phototoxic reactions occur because of the substances kotoryesposobny sensitize kultrafioletovym rays.Such veschestvamogut occur when a person stradaetzabolevaniyami liver or they enter the body from the outside (of the drugs, for example, from the use of tetracycline).Thus, in the open areas of skin, dazheesli man short stays in the sun and its effect is not so much appear bubbles, erosion, red spots.

photoallergic reactions occur in the form of solar eczema, pruritus (prurigo solar).If vozniklatakaya reaction, then open the skin appear reddish nodules protruding from the surface of the skin and blisters.

If you have a photodermatitis, then you nuzhnozaplanirovat trip to the doctor because it may indicate zabolevaniyapecheni such ailment called porphyrin disease.Phototoxic reaktsiyamozhet occur due to the reception of many antibiotics (e.g., tetracycline same antibiotikigruppy), certain antifungal agents (e.g., griseofulvin), certain anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g., ibuprofen).For this reason, you should carefully read the package insert kotoryyvsegda attached to a drug, there you will be able to see the drug sensitivity povyshaetli kultrafioletovym rays or not.

People who love sunbathing should be maksimalnoostorozhny of medication: there are a number of drugs, you can earn otkotoryh fotodermatit.Kak rule, doctors warn their patients of this possibility isovetuyut as little as possible in the sun or enjoy silnymisolntsezaschitnymi means.Photodermatitis can occur when receiving funds sihtiolom and tar, with St. John's wort preparations, sulfonamides (antimikrobnyelekarstva), tetracycline antibiotics, barbiturates.

substances that increase the sensitivity, unfortunately, contained not only in medicine, but ive perfumery (perfumes and deodorants), household chemicals, some vidahmyla, facilities with essential oils.Podvozdeystviem sunlight they cause the body to experience nepriyatnyereaktsii.If the skin gets the juice of some plants (eg clover, kelp, buttercups, sorrel), then under the action of ultraviolet light can ostavittemnye spots.

How did izbezhatfotodermatita?

less necessary to be in the sun during the day, remember chtozagorat best in the evening and in the morning.

Now there are a lot of kinds of sunscreens that help prevent fine photodermatitis.Each package and each tube esttsifry that indicate how many times they weaken deystvieultrafioletovyh rays.

If you have sensitive skin, then is not advised to use the sun peredvyhodom ointments, perfumes, deodorants, because as byloskazano earlier, it can cause an allergic reaction.

They include a variety of substances that povyshayutchuvstvitelnost, they include: polyunsaturated fatty acids, oil of bergamot, bornuyukislotu, parsley, phenol, eosin, musk, St. John's wort, drugs, mercury, parabens, juice, dill, salicylic acid, rose,isandal retinoids.It should be noted that the P-aminobenzoic acid rather chastosoderzhitsya in sunscreens and eosin - a component of lipstick.

photodermatitis and can cause a weakened skin poslekakih some additional effects, these include peeling or tattoo at nihispolzuyut cadmium salt.

Evolve photodermatitis may in connection with violation obmenaveschestv due to malfunction gumoralnoysistemy.Such diseases otnosyatkserodermu, polymorphic photodermatosis, solar eczema, porphyria.

How not to blush?

course, constantly walking in a closed clothes - is also absenteeism.After all, you can not live without the sun, it is necessary for us dlyakrepkih teeth, bones and immuniteta.Osobenno important to walk in the sun in the spring, but very carefully.Sunscreen should always be podruku, moreover, remember that if there is fog or clouds, it does not mean chtovy can relax, it is not a barrier to ultraviolet radiation.After the walk is useful to soothe skin nastoemromashki or limes.

nose requires special attention because it is usually the very first blush, so get yourself a hat or cap with bolshimikozyrkami.

If photodermatitis has happened to you, then deystvovatsleduet immediately.Initially you need to rid the skin of an unpleasant itch vetom you help compresses thinly sliced ​​apples, cucumbers, potatoes ililistev cabbage.After etonachnite take daily vitamin E, it helps if you remove vospalenie.Odnako photodermatitis came for other reasons, for example because of boleznipecheni or adrenal glands, then you only need medical assistance.

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