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Useful tips smokers

Properties cabbage
more familiar to us cabbage, but the usefulness of Beijing and broccoli are not inferior to her.Cabbage raw or cooked loses its beneficial qualities and is not only edible, but also preventative properties for lung cancer.Anticarcinogenic substances are involved in the fight against cancer cells in two ways - not give rise to cancer cells and reduce the spread of metastasis.Eating cabbage to eat at least five times a day - this is a good prevention for those who like cigarette smoke.


tomato lycopene - a powerful antioxidant that blocks the action of free radicals.Tomato juice, heat-treated, fresh vegetables useful, as it promotes the absorption of lycopene in the blood.For people whose diet is rich in tomatoes and tomato juice, reduced the risk of cancer diseases.Lycopene has protective properties with respect to lung tumors.Tomato juice plus cabbage doubles the effect of protection metastasis.

Carrot Carrot as a therapeutic product, has useful propert
ies of seeds, tops and roots.Scientists have proved that the development of metastases suspend carrots, carrot juice if you take one glass three times a day on an empty stomach.

Properties wheat germ
Trust in grain, to get rid of the cancer, it is not necessary, but to restore the immune system and strengthen the body germinated wheat grain will help.A strong body is able to protect against cancer cells.For lovers of cigarette smoke is a great preventative tool.

consequences of the harm of smoking women manifest outwardly.Combine smoking and beautiful, clean, fresh skin is not possible.Oxygen starvation leads to premature wrinkles, changing tone of the face and skin coarsens.Doing exhale while smoking all harmful micro-particles are deposited on the skin and clog the pores occurs.Contaminated skin - a favorable environment for bacteria and, therefore, pimples and black spots are provided.The skin less supple and elastic.

restore youth and beauty will help avoiding harmful habits and cosmetics:
  • Daily exfoliation with gels and scrubs for face cleaning;
  • very sensitive skin irritated by cold water instead of washing should be used cleansing milk, an anti-inflammatory gel and stuff;
  • Lack of collagen in the body makes the skin flaccid, the skin will regain elasticity of cosmetics, whose components - vitamin "A", "C", "E";
  • Twice a week toning mask for the face and skin collagen mask around the eyes;
  • restore the disturbed blood circulation helps facial massage.
in circulatory disorders translucent small spider veins or spider veins that cover the nose and cheeks that often causes burning and itching, redness and inflammation.To contain the spread of rosacea possible: when washing is not towel, water evaporates yourself.Use protective equipment year-round and apply baby cream during stimulation.Overheating contraindicated.

«Forced» smoking
chemical substances contained in tobacco smoke in large numbers, enter the lungs passive smokers in more than a smoker.Highly carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco smoke remain in the lungs to 70 days.Accordingly, being in a smoky room 5 hours Smoking exposed smoked cigarettes, deteriorating vision, increased lacrimation.

Passive smoking - an important risk factor for lung cancer, it has long been extended to researchers in many countries is a fact.Air pollution also contributes to cancer, but when combined with tobacco smoke, this factor increases many times.Because cigarette smoke is radioactive isotopes that accumulate in the lungs, enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, hence the chronic diseases of bronchial tubes and lungs.

Out there.Avoiding harmful to all living habits, you need to give priority to clean smoke-free zones, often rest on the sea, go to the forest, preferably pine.The mountain air will help get rid of oxygen starvation.At home, play sports, move more, walk a lot outdoors.Well cleaned bronchi and lungs when breathing exercises, but it needs to perform properly.

Food smoker
Food should be varied, the diet should prevail fruits and vegetables to supplement the lack of vitamins in the body.Vitamin "C", "B 12", "E" are replenished with citrus, vegetables.We can not exclude legumes and dairy products.In a lot of seafood requires, nuts, spinach.Fatty food is highly desirable to eliminate.

Zoom intoxication possible fresh juice prepared immediately before adoption.To neutralize the heavy metals will artichoke - has antioxidant properties, it removes radionuclides and toxins.Red grapes purifies the blood.High benefits multivitamin complex, reception should be prescribed by a doctor.

sexual attraction of women smokers

Smoking is not comparable to a great sex.Despite the fact that the first time smoking women experience sexual desire, then eventually it disappears completely.Shortness of breath, irritability.Reduced blood flow, triggered spasms of blood vessels, and decreased sex drive.

American scientists, through research, have concluded that smoking women are more passionate about sexually than non-smokers.They are motivated by the fact that due to the nicotine enhanced the work of the endocrine system, to produce testosterone and increases sexual desire.But these actions are deceptive, and scientists agree that the reduction of sexual desire occurs gradually and results in sexual dysfunction.