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Climax male and female - as it is to survive?

female cycle

self-perpetuating age of each woman begins first month and lasts approximately 30-40.Ves years of this period in a woman actively born female hormones - estrogen, the ovaries, in turn, once mesyatsvybrasyvayut suitable for fertilizationova and nachinaetgotovitsya uterus for pregnancy.Each godkolichestvo eggs decreases estrogen level falls and yaichnikirabotayut not as good as before.

first phase of menopause - perimenopause begins in women aged 40-50let.As a rule, this period zhizninikakih special inconvenience woman does not deliver.Monthly are not so regularly, alternating with abundant skudnyevydeleniya, premenstrual syndrome brings discomfort.Some women experience changes WSS nature, they become more vulnerable, irritable, tearful, others suffer from headaches, insomnia or drowsiness, weakness, and some -mayutsya jumps pressure, swelling and begin to put on weight.Hormonal changes occur, because sometimes there zakotoryh breast, increased libido iobnaruzhivaetsya itching in the

genital area.Due to the fact that during this period jump hormones, oral contraceptives may not provide enough protection, although the total capacity kzachatiyu child is not so large, there is likelihood that the two egg vydelyatsyasrazu in zhevremya thing, it means that it is possiblethe birth of twins or even triplets.

second phase of menopause - menopause is.In the period from 6 to 12 months in a woman completely stopped month, the ovaries stop functioning and the hormonal balance is absolutely drugim.Nachinaet change appearance - deep facial wrinkles great- est becomes larger, the skin becomes loose and dry.Some women in this period suffer taknazyvaemymi "tides" - bouts of heat, accompanied serdtsebieniemi panic.Moreover, intermenstrual bleeding may occur, pamyatslabeet, irritability usilivaetsya.No until his last months a woman can conceive rebenochkasamostoyatelno.

most optimal age for menopause - 48-50let.If a woman suffers tyazhelymizabolevaniyami sitting on unsuccessful diets, doing a lot of abortions or organizmistoschen endocrine diseases, the period of menopause can begin earlier -in 40 years, but women who have a strong sexual constitution mogutdostich this period, only 55 years, and even later.Often, the term offensive menopauzyperedaetsya from mother to daughter, so my daughter menopause at the same age as her mother.When zhenschinaperezhivaet menopause, it is more exposed to the risk razvitiyaonkologicheskih diseases.

third phase of menopause - a postmenopause.This periodzhizni ovaries do not work, change the figure, starting degenerative changes in the genitals.Self-perpetuating age woman mozhnoschitat complete.Diseases kotoryesvyazany metabolic and hormonal balance changes more kovarnonachinayut trap the female body - is osteochondrosis, cardiomyopathy, osteoporosis, hypertension, bladder problems.

problems men

in the conventional sense of male menopause is not.Long periodpostmenopauzy needed for women to have offspring predkovcheloveka could survive.

Men, of course, is also beginning to grow old, but the difference of self-replicating zaversheniyamezhdu female and male age is very high.Due to the fact that we have a bad ekologicheskayasituatsiya and sedentary lifestyle, it can lead to the loss of potentsiimozhet occur in 40 years.However, it happens every differently, some men conceive their children and even 80 and 90 years.

Often, men are beginning to suffer from gormonalnyhizmeneny aged 45-60 years.Vsezavisit the level of testosterone in the blood, sexual constitution, stress, intoxication, past diseases and exposure.Initially, almost always poyavlyaetsyaerektilnaya dysfunction, further prihoditrazdrazhitelnost problems with davleniemi vessels, memory fades.The skin becomes wrinkled and flabby breasts have nekotoryhmuzhchin increases due to a lack of male hormone and prostate snizhaetsyafunktsiya.Libido izhivye sperm are stored for a while in a man after oslableniyaerektsii, but after some time, too, disappear.

sometimes occur in men, too menopausal symptoms -pristupy panic headaches, "tides", sleep disorders, distroficheskieizmeneniya in the genitals.Posleklimaksa most common male disease - a heart attack, hypertension, adenoma, atherosclerosis, and cancer of the prostate.

Nature or illness?

climax, coming at the time - it estestvennyyzhiznenny process that does not require lecheniya.No with early cessation of sexual function in both men and women (until 45y.o.), physicians can struggle by the forces of modern medicine.

by the 40godam If you feel that a polovoysferoy that something is wrong, do not need to book a bed in a nursing home and put nasebya cross.Of course dietary supplements and Viagra - this is not the best way resheniyaproblemy.First you need to be examined and determine why vozniknesvoevremenny menopause, doctors can prescribe drugs testosterone iestrogenov that will balance of female and male hormones to normal.Ochendazhe really that erectile function and menstrual start in 40 years.

to improve overall therapy can be rekomendovatgormonalnuyu, it will reduce vascular disorders, osteoporosis and symptoms of menopause snimetnepriyatnye.If the patient does not suffer from allergies, impaired renal function ilipecheni, cancer, then it is possible to take women's and muzhskiegormony.

recommendations for those over ...

to the symptoms of menopause you are not bothered, rest, eat properly, visit your doctor and ask for what reason vashorganizm changes.If you voznikayutobmoroki, discharge from the nipples, weakness, bleeding, chest pain and other symptoms, it may be caused by outputting not only the climax, you might overcome some dangerous disease.

Remember that to alleviate symptoms only vrachanedostatochno tips.In this period of life ochenvazhno provide yourself with positive and bright emotions, good mood, keep yourself constantly tonuse.Chem greater the brain works, the more hormones in the blood will be.Obschaytess young people, learn something new, go to a dance, attend clubs, arrange tours ipeshie trips, spend more time in nature, get yourself pets, pekitehleb, get their entertainment.

Pay particular attention to sexual life.Nobody neslushayte, 68% of 70-year-old men and 56% of 70-year-old women can have sex idelayut it.Furthermore 26% of women and 31% of men do it more often than once a nedelyu.Obespechte regular intimacy itself, and then the level of hormones vkrovi always be normal.Do not think that old age has come -molodost passes, but the experience tenderness, skill and patience remain.

oldest prostitutes Milly Cooper, which is 96 years old, one night beretza $ 1,200, she sells her charms and ezhegodnozarabatyvaet 50,000.

Remember that the best cure for klimaktericheskihproblem - a happy and mutual love.

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