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Dental implants: pros and cons

After all, this seemingly innocuous procedure has isvoi nuances.

Put dental implant - it is quick and, in principle, not too difficult.Doctors promise excellent result, a beautiful smile, and assured that the side effects are rare.Just 2% of implantatmozhet not settle down and start the inflammation that entail massuposledstvy.But how not to be among the two percent?It turns out that last, that the implant has served you for many years (30 years), when it ustanovkedolzhny be met certain mandatory conditions.What kind?This we will irasskazhem.

The first condition - whether it anuzhen implant?

Before you go to the dentist for a new tooth, it is necessary to find out: whether you need a general implant?After all, today suschestvuyuti other ways to restore lost teeth.For example, you can set the "bridges" and dentures, implant a titanium rod into the bone implant, means sessions attach the crown or artificial tooth paste to neighboring zubam.Konechno implant has many advantages: it does not need

to shoot at night, ontrebuet less maintenance, it is more reliable, aesthetic, easy to use and so on.But vsluchae failure consequences will be very serious.Therefore, doctors opisyvayutsituatsii in which the need for an implant is not in doubt:

  • shortage of one tooth in the healthy surrounding.This sluchaeneobhodimo not only make up for a missing tooth, but also take care of the neighbors: keep them intact and whole.
  • absence of two or three teeth in a row.Such a defect takzhekorrektiruetsya implant placement.
  • Lack last teeth in the dentition.Unfortunately, the situation can be put VTAK only implant because other sposobyprotezirovaniya not help due to lack of abutment.
  • jaw missing teeth.

If your situation does not fit the description of any izvysheperechislennyh, then you should discuss the need for Implantologist ustanovkiimplantata while carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

second condition -Choose appropriate model

the proper selection depends on the model of the implant, whether it is accustomed.At present, there are about one hundred and fifty different vidovimplantatov, the cost of which varies from 100 to 2000 dollars.All onisostoyat titanium pins, metal-ceramic crown and abutment kotoryyih connects, but they differ in quality, size and materials.

Unfortunately, experts have come to the conclusion that only tretsuschestvuyuschih implants relatively safe for health.A otlichnozarekomendovalo itself is only about 10 species.It all depends on mnozhestvafaktorov.For example, the pin is too thin is not always cope with the large nagruzkoy.Slishkom will destroy bone tissue.Therefore, before installing vamobyazatelno x-rays of the jaw.Better yet, do kompyuternuyutomografiyu.This will provide a three-dimensional picture by which mozhnomaksimalno accurately calculate the width, angle and length of the titanium rod kotoryybudet installed.

third condition - prochnostkosti

Many of the problems that are associated with the installation of the implant occur because of the bone.The main reason - a long otsutstviezhevatelnoy load.If you lose a tooth for a long time (more than three months ago), tochelyustnaya bone in this place is not getting the proper load and therefore nachinaetpostepenno dissolve.The more time has passed after tooth loss, tembolshe lacks bone mass.Therefore, prior to implantation naraschivayutnedostayuschy volume using special materials or your own bone, which is taken from the chin or mandible.

If implants are needed for the upper jaw, then mozhetponadobitsya sinus - lifting.This operation will restore the volume kostnoytkani from the maxillary sinus.

fourth condition -Optimized installation

Installing the implant is held in one, sometimes in neskolkoetapov.In the second case, first put a titanium pin and give him three months, so it stuck.Then set the top of the implant.If nuzhnonarastit bone, the term of the plant increases.Of course, all hochetsyasdelat as quickly as possible.But the haste in this matter is not recommended because kakvelik risk of complications.Nelzyaustanavlivat implant and immediately after removal or loss of a tooth.After all, if vlunke remain bacteria that can become inflamed tissue around.

One-step implantation is possible only in cases where there are no contraindications.But this happens very rarely.

calculate risks

After the implant may occur sleduyuschieoslozhneniya:

  • During the operation can be hurt the bottom of the maxillary sinus nerve.
  • During healing around the implant pin mogutvospalitsya tissue.In this case it is necessary to remove the implant and vosstanavlivatkostnuyu cloth.
  • implant can not settle down.The reasons for this are many: inflammation, bone overheating during surgery, osteoporosis and so on.
  • After installing the plug implant can wiggle izkosti.
  • If the implant is installed in the upper jaw, mogutvospalitsya sinuses (sinusitis or sinusitis occur).Implant pridetsyaudalit.

often cause problems is the wrong gigienicheskihuhod after installation and failure to comply with the recommendations of the dentist otnositelnodiety, medication.

When completely nelzyaustanavlivat implant

There are a number of contraindications to install: zabolevaniyaTsNS, a bleeding disorder, malignancy, simmunnoy system problems, tuberculosis, systemic connective tissue diseases, bruxism, diabetes.

There are some problems that prevent immediate ustanovkeimplantata, but they are amenable to correction: smoking and alcoholism, gingivitis, depression, carious teeth, problems with oral hygiene.


Implants - a very useful invention.However, before chemih installed, you must take care to comply with all vysheperechislennyhpunktov.The success of this procedure will depend on the level of the clinic and masterstvavracha.Even if all goes well, you will have to visit every six months dantistadlya inspection and hygienic cleaning.This is very important and dannoeuslovie prescribed in the contract.For non-observance of rules may even snyatgarantiyu implant.

To choose a good clinic, collect in advance about her kakmozhno more information: reviews, find out about the license, the experience of vrachey.Posprashivayte with friends, they can prompt you to seek much better.Luchshepotratit a little time to look for a good doctor, what a lot of money on nepravilnoeili substandard care.