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Acupuncture and reflexology: Qi energy for healthy feet

This is one izglavnyh differences of Chinese medicine by Western science.For posledneyzabolevanie is not functioning organ or system of the WTO while for traditional Chinese medicine is a consequence energeticheskogodisbalansa in the body.Thus, Western medicine fights infections svozbuditelyami, infiltrated into the body or trying vosstanovitimenno those organs and systems that are not working properly.With svoeystorony traditional Chinese medicine prefers vosstanovleniyuzaschitnyh forces of the body and improve the general condition, instead of borotsyas symptoms.So-called energy therapy based on manipulations performed at specific points in the body via the needles (acupuncture), or with help of exposure to certain zones of feet, which are associated with other areas of the body organs (reflexotherapy).

With pomoschyuigloukalyvaniya affects its meridians in order ozhivitslishkom slowly flowing stream of energy, or change its direction, if onobylo wrong.

Spetsialistyrefleksologii believe that th

e body can be divided into 10 vertical zones kotoryeobrazuyut branch ending in the fingers.Main otvetvleniyasosredotocheny in the toes.Thus, pressing on specific points on the feet or kistyahruk, reflexology directs the flow of energy that circulates vkazhdoy vertical zone.

acupuncture for restless legs syndrome ivarikoznom veins

Igloukalyvanieyavlyaetsya industry knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine that poluchilanaibolshee spread in the West.Acupuncture does not solve problemuvenoznoy failure and does not eliminate varicose veins, odnakoboretsya with harassing symptoms - feeling of heaviness in the legs inochnymi convulsions.

Before pristupitk injections with needles, the specialist should carry out a full examination, in order chtobyproverit overall energy flow.For this purpose, in addition to information on the transferred vyyasneniyavsey you diseases and lifestyle onotsenit gait morphology of the face, tongue, etc. as well as a pulse.Based Natak diagnostic methods, the acupuncturist will appoint a number of sessions that vydolzhny will pass, and will determine the number of pins required for the procedures and terms of vkalyvaniem.

session itself is that the acupuncturist tightens the skin with one hand and zatemvtykaet and pushes the needle to the desired point, doing vraschatelnoedvizhenie.Once it determines the needle properly, the patient in the appropriate sense poyavlyaetsyapriyatnoe meridian.

Needles - kakraz one aspect of this method of treatment, which scares many people.Esliigloterapevt experienced pricks give only slight discomfort.Igolkiobychno steel and are destroyed after each session, to izbezhatvozmozhnogo infection.

Reflexology for samostoyatelnogoprimeneniya

As already byloupomyanuto, reflexology is based on the theory of the 10 linked soboyzonah (channels) of the body.When the energy flow is blocked by something, appears to be even plot problems related to health.In refleksologiivozdeystviyu it affects only the hands and feet, and all manipulations of the doctor napravlenyna is to ensure the free passage of energy channels.

After seansarefleksoterapii, you may feel an incredible sense of relief.Meanwhile nemenee, remember that this is a temporary feeling and necessary proytiesche few sessions in order to achieve the highest effect in lecheniivenoznoy failure.

If vyhotite independently engage in reflexology, it is important to pay attention to inherit aspects:

  • undesirable to concentrate only on odnoytochke, for example lymphatic point groin.It is best to handle all stack last, so as not to disturb the equilibrium of the energy flow that navernyakaproizoydet if only limited to a single point.
  • reflex massage of the hands and feet should dlitsyaokolo 45 minutes.In that case, if you do not have enough time, it is better to focus on a specific area, in order to get rid of the particular manifestations of the disease.Just do not forget Otomi that it is rather an exception that can not be made the rule.
  • Avoid wearing watches, rings, bracelets it.p. because they might interfere with the proper energy flow.
  • any session of reflexology, full ilinapravlenny specific manifestations of the disease, should be stuffed spodgotovitelnoy part.
  • desirable that reflexology session vsegdavklyuchal impact on the hands and feet.In any case reflexogen massazhruk is a wonderful opportunity when, for various reasons you do not mozheteobrabotat legs (for example, if you are at work, on the plane, taxi it.d.).In addition, the technique of pressing on the points on the hands and feet are the same.

Massage: always outward

Refleksogennyymassazh is always outward, because this obrazomosvobozhdaetsya energy.Therefore, when you spend a session independently dazheesli will be difficult to do because of the accepted provisions not menyaytenapravlenie movements.

preparatory part seansarefleksoterapii

  1. Put the heel of the foot on the arm and hand grasp podoshvudrugoy.To do this, place your thumb on the pad bolshogopaltsa feet, and the other fingers - on the upper part of the foot.Now scroll stopusleva right.
  2. Massage your foot all the fingers of both hands, starting from the ankles and ending with the toes.Repeat in both directions.
  3. Grasp foot with both sides and prilozhitepodushechki thumbs toward the center of the bottom of the foot at the level of konchikovpaltsev.Repeat several times.
  4. the large finger of podoshvamstupney from the heel to the toes.
  5. Rub thumbs spravanalevo heel.
  6. Push your thumb on the point solnechnogospleteniya and twist it.
  7. Lightly pressing, moving the thumb popodemu foot diagonally in a few minutes.
  8. Grasp foot palms and work out imikrugovye movement within a few minutes.
  9. Push thumbs, odnovremennovraschaya them on the pads of the toes.At the end press the tips of all paltsevnog.

basic techniques

Vrefleksoterapii massage is the lateral surface of the thumb ipodushechkami everyone else.Then take a look at the basic techniques.

  • Slip thumb: nadavlivaytepodushechkoy thumb and promote it forward.
  • Focused rotation: podushechkoyukazatelnogo push or thumb on the point and performs rotational dvizheniyasleva right without moving it to the point of being processed.
  • Rotation point: place the heel on odnoyruki palm and thumb of your other hand, press the point that neobhodimoobrabotat.Then rotate the foot in the palm of the right and left.
  • Bending to the point: place the heel on ladonodnoy hand, and the thumb of the other hand to push the treated tochku.Teper Push the Power stack back and forth without losing the fulcrum heel in the palm of your hand.

After the session, drink more water

Nekotoryelyudi after a session of reflexology was very thirsty.It obyasnyaetsyaochen simple.Overall, a well-conducted a session of reflexology stimuliruetnervnye plexus between all bodies and blood circulation.At the same vremyaorganizm emits large amounts of toxins and kidney forced rabotatnapryazhenno.As a result of the combination of these factors increases the need for input, because with it becomes easier to display unwanted substances.

Reflexology when restless legs syndrome ivarikoznom veins

Polevypolneniya preparatory segment, you can begin processing points kotoryeimeyut directly related to the problem of venous insufficiency.

  • To facilitate the feeling of heaviness: Take udobnotak to have free access to the sole of the foot.You must realize massazhlevoy outer part of each foot, starting with the thumb.Press hard, realizing rotational motion.Another method of massage is to massage the base of the heel and its side faces.
  • to stimulate blood circulation: esttochka on the hand, helps to normalize blood flow.It is located between the thumb and the little finger osnovaniembezymyannogo.Strongly press on it, osuschestvlyayavraschatelnye movement.
  • to stimulate the lymphatic system: nadavitepaltsami fleshy area on the ankle.Swipe line, crossing podemstopy.Then draw your fingers to lift the foot from the beginning to the ground eepaltsev.
  • Stimulirovatbiologicheski active points on hands and feet, it is desirable for several hours dosna, such as massage, not only fatigue, but also vyzyvaetpriliv forces, a sense of vivacity and freshness.