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Anatomy of the external genitalia and vagina


Loboc -Lower portion of the anterior abdominal wall, in the form of outstanding "pads" are due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat;body hair appears B10 (7-11) years.

large labia

Bolshiepolovye lips - two folds of skin running from the pubic area from front to back, where oniskhodyatsya form a transversely extending fold - posterior commissure.Naruzhnayapoverhnost labia majora with the onset of puberty (as ilobok) covered scalp.The upper boundary of hair looks nalobke horizontal line.Leather inner surface bolshihpolovyh soft lips, similar to the mucosa.There are greasy and potovyezhelezy.The space between the labia majora is called gender gap.


Malyepolovye lip - skin folds, located medially of the labia majora are covered with delicate skin, similar to the mucosa, contain no fat tissue.Behind labia gradually flattened, merge with large labia of the lower third.Labia and clitoris contain an abundance of sebaceous glands.


clitoris -neparny authority a

nalogue of the penis, located in the top right corner of the genital slit between razvetvleniyamimalyh labia.In the interior of the labia majora, the lower third of them, with kazhdoystorony located on one large gland vestibule (Bartholin).Onivypolnyayut secretory function, moisturizing the vagina.


Preddverevlagalischa becomes visible at a dilution of the labia.It prostranstvoogranicheno clitoris front, sides and inner surface of the large malyhpolovyh lips, behind the back of spikes and located between it and the trifling ladevidnoyyamkoy.Vestibule lined with mucous membrane, containing iron and mnozhestvennyekripty (deepening).This epithelial cover, as well as the vulva as a whole is rich in nerve endings, blood and lymphatic vessels.In tsentrepreddverya - vagina surrounded by the hymen.


Devstvennayapleva - connecting membrane, the outer and inner surface kotoroypokryta stratified squamous epithelium.The hymen is thicker fibers are bundles izelasticheskih.Form hymen is diverse.

In preddverevlagalischa open: large vestibular ducts (bartolinievyh) glands iparauretralnye moves, the external opening of the urethra (urethritis), which is located below the clitoris.The urethra is the length of 3 cm. In adult women onapredstavlyaet almost straight canal.In the wall of the urethra are skinievy cancer (lacunar strokes), running parallel to the urethra and open vblizinaruzhnogo holes.Easily visible visually their outlets prikateterizatsii can sometimes be mistaken for the outer opening uretry.Klinicheskoe value of these glands is that they can be mestomupornogo gonokokkov stay.In early childhood cancer mild.


Vagina prinadlezhitk internal genital apparatus is a muscle-elastic tube located between the urethra and the bladder in front and the rectum behind.Dlinaego women about 10-12 cm. The vagina is lined with mucous membrane covered mnogosloynymploskim epithelium.The vagina is deprived of the glands, but it is always in the lumen imeetsyasekret.The vagina has several important functions, one of kotoryhdrenazhnaya.


crotch with gynecological point of view is called a tissue array of wedge-shaped, raspolozhennyymezhdu the rectum and the vagina.Visible from the outside skin base promezhnostiogranicheno front posterior commissure, behind - the anus (anus), laterally buttocks area.Vanatomicheskom against the perineum - is an area of ​​the body between the anus and urethra naruzhnymotverstiem, including both skin and predlezhaschiemyshtsy.

By vnutrennimpolovym bodies, along with the vagina include: uterus, uterine (fallopian) tubes and ovaries.

In sheykematki distinguished department, located above the vaginal vault - nadvlagalischnayachast cervix.Cervical canal has two openings: the internal os which opens into the uterine cavity, and the outer mouth opening into polostvlagalischa.Cervical canal is lined by columnar epithelium, is nazvanieendotserviksa (glandular apparatus of the cervix).

Cherezvlagalische stand out vaginal secretions, secret internal polovyhorganov called belyami, in menstruating adolescent girls and women -menstrualnaya blood.