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Top 7 summer diseases


This disease is written a lot of books and the Talmud, odnakolyudi continue to "fall for his bait."Angina still ostaetsyapopulyarnoy disease.Drafts, ice cream, iced drinks, air conditioning - all etisostavlyayuschie reduce local immunity of the pharynx.In each person, anyway, zhivutboleznetvornye bacteria and when immunitetv norm, he successfully with them boretsya.No costs him at least a little down, the bacteria multiply and myzabolevaem.Signs of bluetongue angina is the aches throughout the body, the temperature is not very high - up to 38 degrees, a sense of swelling in the throat, on the tonsils purulent raids there.Symptoms of tonsillitis - podchelyustnyhi swelling of cervical lymph nodes, the temperature is below 40 degrees, chills, severe pain priglotanii, tonsils grow in size and covered with small pus follikulami.Samaya heavy - a lacunar angina, the symptoms resemble follikulyarnuyuanginu, but the plaque on the tonsils are much more expressive.


how hot nor would stand on the street, do not drink holodnyenapitki be useful to warm water or hot tea.Remember how to survive in the heat vostochnyenarody: hot soup and tea daily presence in their diet.Never direct the fan Istria cool air from the air conditioning, of course, it would be nice, but not for long.

Kaklechit sore throat?

Most importantly - drink plenty of fluids.In addition, constantly caress the throat decoction of calendula, chamomile and sage.If you normally can perenosittemperaturu 38 degrees, then do not bring down antibiotic ee.Ne ignore and always consult your doctor - together Skrova bacteria enter the serdechnuyumyshtsu and if you're a sore throat, then there may be serious implications, such as Rheumatism, a heart disease.


summer went into the garden, berry eat unwashed or bought narynke fruit and began to eat them unwashed, do not wash their hands before eating - all etomozhet cause inflammation in the oral cavity.When the disease stomatitis in rtupoyavlyayutsya sores that are very hurt, and the hurt to eat, razgovarivati ​​touch the lips and cheeks snaruzhi.Byvayut cases where his mouth begins to go bad smell desnynachinayut bleed.If stomatitis do not run, then the tissues that okruzhayutyazvochki look quite nice and the overall condition is not getting worse.


not neglect personal hygiene, not tolkoletom when the bacteria are active.Before upotrebleniemhoroshenko wash fruits and vegetables.Posleulitsy, toilet and before eating do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water.

How lechitstomatit?

Every three hours, rinse the mouth antibakterialnymirastvorami, which can be bought in pharmacies, particularly necessary poloskanierta after eating.Sores can obrabatyvatkontsentrirovannym chamomile extract, special preparations istomatologicheskimi gels.Eslisostoyanie does not improve or gets bigger wounds, go to the doctor.

«Summer flu" or enteritis

reasons enteritis (inflammation of the bowel) - bacteria enter the body through unwashed hands or food, in fact, inflammation, a sharp change of temperatures and overheating.Blagodaryaperegrevaniyu, bacteria become more and more.The symptoms of enteritis - a sredinezhivota pain, diarrhea and sometimes vomiting.In addition, during the human disease is accompanied by weakness and sometimes tormented by fever.It may be dehydrated, which means that the body will lose nuzhnyeemu minerals and salt, and it can serve as a disruption of the heart and other very vazhnyhorganov.


does not happen in the sun for a long time not to byloperegrevany, do not use a lot pischi.Produkty only store in the refrigerator and thoroughly wash vegetables with fruktamipered food.Especially in the summer opasnyrybnye, meat, dairy products and sweets with cream.

How lechitenterit?

Treat it only under a doctor's supervision.To remove the toxins from the body, the drug must be taken sorbent, such as activated charcoal (sprositepreparaty in pharmacy).You do not need to take money from diarrhea, or they "can the" toxic substances in the body, and therefore, will take longer to recover islozhnee.Try the first two dnyanichego not eat, drink green tea, chamomile broth, and then for liquid food nedeliupotreblyayte.

Inflammation uha- otitis

otitis externa are sick more often people who lyubyatkupatsya in reservoirs.In wet ushipopadaet infection.The symptoms - itching and redness of the ear.Remember chtoesli you warmed up in the sun is not necessary to cool nyryatv rates or the sea.If water gets into the ear, then mozhetrazvitsya catarrhal otitis media, which is accompanied by a small povysheniemtemperatury, or the clicking of rustling in the ear.Very dangerous purulent otitis, egosimptomy - acute ear pain, fever, and sometimes discharge.


After diving in the water or even swim in dushepromoknite ears with cotton flagella, cotton swabs should be avoided.If you are prone to inflammation, while prezhdechem swim vymoknite wool in vegetable oil or cream and put it vushi, but try not to dive.

How lechitotit?

If you otitis media, then you will be able to help a doctor!


It's quite "popular" disease that osobennodaet itself felt in the summer - an inflammation of the bladder.Symptoms: going to the toilet every 15 minutes, abdominal pain, nausea and sometimes fever.Cystitis occurs due to differential temperaturpri bathing, with poor personal hygiene, with prolonged cold-water find, when changing the power of beverages and drinking regime.Because of their physical characteristics zhenschinybolee body susceptible to this disease - female urethra is shorter than that of the stronger sex, so the infection quickly gets into the bladder.


If you want to use the toilet, walk, do not pull the.Neprebyvayte in the water too long, do not wear a wet bathing suit dlitelnoevremya.Drink plenty of pure water, takzhidkost bladder will not become concentrated.Neprenebregayte personal hygiene when hatched in a bathing suit on the ground or sand, then remove it immediately.

How lechittsistit?

Initially sleduetzabyt about alcohol, acidic beverages and foods.Fill a water bottle with warm water put on the lower abdomen.Obyazatelnoskhodite to the doctor so he can prescribe you medication themselves, you can not vyyavitprichiny.Cystitis can be caused by various bacteria, and therefore treat differently ihnuzhno.


Heart attacks overtake many people directly when working in the garden.Some people experience ogromnoeudovolstvie when working in the garden or in the garden.However, if you suffer from hypertension, then vamprotivopokazano tinker at their summer uchastke.Iz of postures and movements that you are doing in the garden, can worsen the disease or cause a heart attack.

prevention of myocardial

Try to find something else to do, especially during the day in the heat dose, or at least work in the garden, do not overdo it.

How to treat a heart attack?

Immediately call your doctor!


diseases that are sexually transmitted, also apply to the account more in the summer, because all go on vacation and want to resort novels.


Resist the temptation having sex only in a condom, it will protect you from the unfortunate consequences.

How to treat an STD?

Immediately consult a doctor, do not have amateur.

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