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Sore back behind the wheel - what to do?

The better you sit, you will temdalshe!

If the trip utebya start whining waist, at all times numb neck and hands numb, then etoproiskhodit because you are wrong to sit behind the wheel.The driver's seat should be maksimalnokomfortnym, it is very important.Now vkazhdoy modern model of car you can adjust the tilt spinkisidenya, and some can even correct height.If you feel that the chair is not ochenudobno, then you need to apply additional accessories.

  1. Remember that the backrest should be repeated curves of your spine - it samyyidealny option.Thus, you can give yourself pravilnoepolozhenie.
  2. Obyazatelnodolzhen be headrest!This aksessuardelaet less load on the spine, and therefore reduces the risk of injury sheynogootdela during sharp turns and jerks the car.Adjust the head restraint so that verhnyayachast it was located at the level of the ears or neck.
  3. Dlyaprofilaktiki osteochondrosis put under special ortopedicheskuyupodushku back.It is able to reduce the harm and otvibratsy sitting position, m
    oreover, created a strong support dlyapozvonochnika, the pressure on the spinal department gets a fraction, podderzhivaetsyapravilnaya posture, relieve fatigue and stress to the muscles.In addition, such a pillow you can ispolzovatne only in the car, as well as at home and at work.
  4. Ochenpoleznye accessory - a car massager.For example, the cushion of the seat rezinovyhili wooden spikes sposobnysnizit load on the spine.These capes requires a good fix to the body when driving is not shifted vniz.Ty can also buy vibrating massage cushion seat of his car, it will remove stress not only from the back muscles, but also the thighs when pomoschivibromassazha acupoints.
  5. also dlyazdorovya your back you can buy a special orthopedic seat previously go to the reception to the orthopedist.The doctor will look at your spine, evaluate his condition and, of course, give individual advice and guidance.Orthopedic seats made izgelya and elastic latex thus the load on the spine umenshaetsyado 60%.Moreover, to improve blood circulation and gluteal muscles naorgany pelvic pressure at times reduced.

Bad posture

When we were driving courses in school, we were taught to sit kakpravilno.However, many once get right, completely forgotten orekomendatsiyah instructor.But it is worth remembering that the correct posture - is notonly comfort and a good overview.This is the most important - health back!

Surely you've seen drivers who carelessly razvalilisza wheel of a car, right?So votzapomni that such a landing in a supine position is the most harmful!Thus, all the vertebral arteries overlap, because of which there is a rapid fatigue, fatigue, decreased attention, response and visual acuity.Moreover, side do not remain, and other organs - suffer the pelvic organs of the abdominal cavity.Often due to improper landing while driving occur gastritis, sudden stagnation of blood in a Minor pelvis, pancreatitis, varicose veins, cholecystitis and so on.

also very dangerous posture so-called "banana" when tynaklonyaeshsya to the steering wheel, while pryamyenogi attracted to the pedals.Vrachinastoyatelno recommend mastered the health care and does not pose this fruit, because such pozauvelichivaet pressure on the discs between the vertebrae.

odnapoza also there is that inherent self-confident drivers when left elbow nahoditsyav window.This position is very dangerous not only for the back, but also for the whole body, because the lateral displacement necessarily lead to deformations in the lumbar spine, with etomvoditel itself provokes the development of pancreatic diseases ipecheni!Also, if your car has armrests, forget about them, or non-using them too often.

Another very important moment for health - how close to the steering wheel mysidim.If you move up to the nemuochen close, spin tired quickly, because there is no support.And if you sit too far away from the steering wheel, togdavyrastet load on leg muscles and arms.

What provotsiruetrazvitie abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system for drivers?

  1. Hypodynamy .Discs between the vertebrae are not krovenosnyhsosudov, so their food comes vprotsesse diffusion.If a person moves a little, proiskhodyatmedlennee trophic processes, and thus the intervertebral cartilage loses its elasticity ielastichnost.Through time nachinayutpoyavlyatsya cracks, then to get the poison and fragments of gelatinous obrazuetsyagryzha.If a person moves a little, tomyshtsy abdominal and back strength teryayutsvoyu, so can not keep pozvonochnikv correct position, because this increases the load on the mezhpozvonochnyediski.The same processes occur even in all major joints, thus there is a great risk of developing osteoarthritis.
  2. Vibration .When the vehicle moves, your body is feeling the effects of vibration, while krohotnyetreschiny formed in the intervertebral discs and vremenemmozhet formed with intervertebral hernia.Vibration is also harmful and dlyasustavnoy tissue, thus there is degenerative changes in cartilage and bone.
  3. forced position .If you just have to sit in an uncomfortable position, it leads knarusheniyam posture, muscle tension, poor blood supply vnutrennihorganov body, spine and lower extremities.

Gymnastics isamomassazh for drivers

When the roads are bad, then get rid of the vibration in the organizmochen difficult, so you need vypolnyatneslozhnye rules.

  1. The day stay at the wheel can be no more than 10 hours.
  2. Every two hours, makes a stop and get out of the car, chtobyotdohnut.
  3. When you stop and if you got stuck in traffic, captive, time, make a complex of gymnastic exercises, it uydetvsego you have five minutes, no more.

Now consider a small set of exercises specifically for kotoryerazrabotany voditeley.Ochen easy to do these exercises in traffic, do not lose time in ozhidaniizelenogo light at traffic lights, spend it usefully.It is through these exercises you smozheshobespechit sufficient load the abdominal muscles and the abdomen, which nesutotvetstvennost for the health of your spine.

  1. initially just rub hands, budtonamylivaesh their soap.
  2. Thoroughly knead each thumb.
  3. make at least five deflections of the body back, throwing back his head prietom.
  4. hands thoroughly rub the back of the neck iplechi.
  5. Ten times the body is inclined to the left ivpravo.
  6. lean back as you can, and then primivertikalnoe position while lift the chin, shoulders slumped down the rotten back and try to bring the shoulder blades together.You should feel your back muscles kaknapryaglis.In takompolozhenii sit a few minutes.Gradually increase the time each day.
  7. palms put on his head and face on negodavlenie, with shoulders slumped down.
  8. made five tilts the head left and right.
  9. straining muscles of the abdomen and hold in this polozheniiih 30 seconds and then relax.Do this 7-10 times.
  10. again made torso left and right 5-7raz.
  11. straining muscles of the buttocks and hold for 30 seconds so, apotom relax.Do this 5-7 times.
  12. now do an exercise in golenostopnomsustave, if you try to be on your toes, and then return to starting position.

If you can, then the stops out of the car a few strides idelay legs and deep knee bends.But special attention when driving udeliosanke regularly cracking down his back and shoulders retracted.

Through these simple guidelines you can sohranitzdorove his back, because these exercises will not only help with pain vspine, but also serve as a good prevention of diseases of the joints, snimutustalost and give a feeling of cheerfulness.