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Breast examination at home

initially subject to such risk women who smoke, full of women and women who have suffered from this zabolevaniemblizkie relatives.

Like other diseases, breast cancer gorazdoprosche cured if identified him early.

Through a simple self-vdomashnih conditions we are in some cases can detect rakgrudi before the moment when the disease starts, we point this out tipichnymisimptomami.

Such surveys are best carried navosmoy day after the start of menstruation - during this period dairy zhelezystanovyatsya softer.The survey was conducted in a bright, better pridnevnom, natural light.

Remember that even young girls can zaboletrakom breast, so each girl has reached certain vozrastadolzhna not only checked in mamologa, but also to examine the breast on their own home to see if it changes.Do not worry if at first obsledovaniivy hit upon something.What you found may not be the tumor.But this does not mean that you can forget iproignorirovat found.In any case, if you were ever any doubt Tomal, you need a m

edical consultation.

To begin with, in order to properly inspect the chest, begin with the fact that you believe that the breast is healthy.Taqwa can easily see any changes.Do not let the fact that you have to grudipoyavilis seal.It would be better to see them esliv advance, and tell your doctor.Viewing the chest need and pregnant ikormyaschim feeding women.

How to examine your own breasts?

neskolkoetapov Here, with the help of which you will be able to inspect the glands at home:

  1. Lie on your back so that the back of the head under the bylaraspolozhena your right hand and the left hand was free.This position is most effective for obsledovaniyagrudi, because in that polozheniigrudnye fabric evenly distributed across the chest.
  2. On palpation is necessary to use tolkobezymyanny, middle and index fingers.Left hand palpate the right grudpri using a circular motion.Wherein the diameter of the survey should not be bolshemonety.
  3. If you notice nizhneychasti compacted plot in the chest, but do not worry - it is undeflected.But if you find something in other areas, nuzhnoobyazatelno seem mamologu experienced doctor.
  4. Start a circular motion with the armpit, and slow dvizheniyamiperedvigaytes below the breast.Thus, you can explore the entire grudnuyukletku.When
  5. right breast obsleduete, nachinayteosmatrivat left.To do this you need to take the same position, only Nape you should now be in the left hand.Likewise, check the left breast.
  6. When finished, go to the mirror and rukiraspolozhite on hips.Vnimatelnoposmotrite on both breasts, there are no changes in shape, size or konture.Pomnite that is very important.
  7. When you examine the breast at home obratitvnimanie necessary for the presence of any rashes or chapped skin.Do not raise hands high - obsledovaniebudet so difficult to carry out.

breast cancer prevention

with medication nevozmozhnopredupredit occurrence of tumors vmolochnyh glands.However, thanks to regular self-examination is not always vozmozhno.Novoobrazovaniya make themselves felt.Sometimes people several years Do not know that get cancer.So if vybudete conduct such inspections regularly, you can prevent poyavlenieraka chest.

According to the long-term statistics, imennoblagodarya this method of breast cancer can be detected early on.And that means that it will be easier to cure disease ibystree.So take care of yourself, watch your health!

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