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How to protect yourself from ticks

reasonable question for the modern man - what do ikak be really in our time, there is no protection?You should know some things to avoid meeting with them, and if you still bite you, you know kakpostupit.

Dwelling ticks

Pliers incredibly fast and are always ready Kathak, they live on the branches of trees and shrubs can be vysokoytrave.If you move through the forest, avoid dry twigs, usually ticks on them and are located, and in deciduous forests may be lyubomdereve foliage.

security methods

should be noted that the tick is not as fast as a mosquito bite, before being able to find a comfortable place where prisosetsya may take dostatochnomnogo time from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.In addition, you can sometimes egopochuvstvovat when it touches the hair and lose time, but it depends on to the place where he was crawling and the sensitivity of the skin.The most effective metodzaschity it every 40-60 minutes to inspect each other if the two of you.Takzhesleduet examine themselves and t

heir own, especially ticks like to hide vpah, under the arm, neck, and especially dangerous place - on the inside of beder.Mogut cling to the chest, in general, choose a place with thin skin and blizkimdostupom to the capillaries.In addition, when the tick finds its treasured place, onesche not immediately sucked.Of course, neither yourself nor your partner will not be able to inspect the takpostoyanno, so it is important to choose the right clothes.By pravilnostitut include the cuffs around his neck, wrists, legs, obyazatelnonalichie headdress, hair can not be found.But tick ochenprovorny and flat, so even such precautions can not datgarantii.

For those who have chosen the forest, where 100% is found mnogokleschey and the more there are encephalitis, have some advice.Buy the best deshevyekapronovye tights 2 pieces, some tights dress, as usual, under the same pair odezhdu.Vtoroy destined to go upstairs, feet cut in the groin prorezhteotverstie for the head, treat the cut edge so they do not crawl.It mozhnosdelat lacquer or something else, in the end you get fitting shirt, prietom it is convenient and does not interfere with movement.This simple kit and great pomozhetvam deliver from regular cleanings body for ticks, even when in the forest.

Removing kleschaposle bite

How would you yourself are not protected, but these nimble kids mogutsebe find a loophole and did bite.But that is no reason to panic, the tick of easy and encephalitis mites are not so frequent, this imnuzhno hurt themselves this infection.The most important thing - it correctly and without povrezhdeniyizvlech, and the sooner the better, becausefor a long time, he glubzhevpivaetsya and harder to reach.

Usually they dig into the thin skin and neslozhnodostat, but there are non-standard situations and tick bites into the rough skin, vottogda you have to tinker a bit with him.

the tick can be removed in the following ways:

  • With the use of fatty substances, cream or Vaseline maslarastitelnogo, daubed them tick and place around the insect.This layer of fatty material will obolochkubez air and tick loosen his grip, 1-2 minutes dvumyapaltsami take it, tilt it to the side and pull back.If you see that kleschne climbs, you do not pull it, spread again and leave for 10-15 minutes, poslechego again try to pull.Generally, it works immediately, but byvayutneudachi important to pull the tick along with that part of the proboscis, which onprisosalsya.Otherwise, at this point, some time will nebolshoynaryv.
  • If you hate to pull his hands or not onsrazu unhooked, you can make a loop of thread, throw loop naosnovanie where he sucked, and the occasional sip.
  • There are cases where the tick breaks off and leaves the proboscis or not zhelaetvylazit, Well, act like a thorn, take the needle obrabotaytespirtom and remove it.
  • The second method is more effective.You can dvumyapaltsami can be folded string hook for the body of the tick, and scroll egoprotiv clockwise.Sometimes missing 7-10 turns, sometimes a couple of minutes and kleschsam falls off, and they sometimes die, sometimes remain alive.
  • Ticks can not tolerate alcohol, so they mozhnovozdeystvovat alcohol products until cologne can sometimes be a bit of brandy Isamu drink alcohol, or, after a while mite fall off.

As for the insect, after extracting it stoitvybrasyvat not recommended to put it in some kind of container, from which he did not run away, it's not for long.If spustyanekotoroe time you have a health problem, you can tick budetotdat for analysis and it will help determine the cause of the disease.If you tick vpohodnyh conditions and there is no place to put, then just delete it.

not dispose of it with your bare hands, the arm can be rankaili the tick can sprinkle and get to the mucosa, if he bolenentsefalitom, then you will have a chance to catch.It is best to burn it iliprokalite.The wound to be treated with an antiseptic.

medical protection otkleschey

probably the most effective protection against the effects ukusa- is vaccination.How negative can be noted that vaccination zanimaetdlitelnoe time.The course of the grafting is carried out in several stages, with nablyudeniemza results.The first vaccine is administered in November and the third in April povtorvaktsiny a year after the first time and then every three years.Promezhutoknoyabr-April, a time when no ticks and you need to fit into a szapasom before the season starts in two weeks.

Oddly enough, but the disease were observed in urban residents, from time to time go to the countryside or garden, that they should obratitvnimanie to timely vaccinations.

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