Ingredients // Vegetables

Salmon with sorrel

  • fresh salmon - Part 4
  • cream - 200 milliliters
  • Sorrel - 4 cups ((4 handfuls))
  • dry white wine - 1 cup
  • salt, pepper - - To taste
  • seasoning for fish - 2 tbsp.spoon

Wash sorrel, dry, cut off the stems from the clear pieces of salmon skin, dark oil and fry on both sides with hot pieces with aluminum foil.Leave.Preparation of oxalic sauce: in a frying pan where the fish add 2 tablespoons of seasoning for fish, 1 cup dry white wine, and carefully move the wooden spatula and leave on medium heat until there is about half.Add the sorrel into the pan, stir gently ... ... After a few seconds they will be soft, and unfortunately lose their nice green color.Add liquid cream, bring to a boil, then salt and pepper.Leave to thicken to your taste, check out the sorrel sauce and tastes.The sauce is ready.Serve hot.In the center put the fish to sauce.Serve with rice for example.

Servings: 4