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Pie with poppy seeds and cheese

pie with two toppings For those who like to experiment with cheese pastries, will love this recipe cottage cheese and poppy seed cake.In it crispy batter in harmony with delicate filling, rich taste which provides a whole range of different fillers.This very cheese, and raisins, and honey, and citrus peel, and of course poppy.Just a few drops of good cognac or rum will give your cake a special heady aroma.Although you can do without alcohol, soaking the raisins in a conventional boiling water.It has long been noticed that the smell of baking in the house creates a comfort and a good mood, and when the table is a beautiful, fresh-faced, exhaling a dizzying aroma of cottage cheese and poppy seed cake back down and spleen, and irritability, and unpleasant thoughts.Average family evening tea party turns into a real celebration, and the woman feels the birthday girl, getting from home a lot of grateful words and views.The only drawback of cottage cheese and poppy seed cake - that's what it is eaten very q

uickly, even faster than is being prepared.But it is a good hostess should only delight and inspire new creations.

  • wheat flour 200g
  • Eggs 1 piece.
  • Sugar 50g
  • Butter 100g
  • Limon 0.5 pc.
  • Disintegrant 0.5 h. Liter.
  • Salt 1 pinch
  • Curd 300 g
  • Eggs 1 piece.
  • Sugar 100g
  • Butter 50 g
  • Limon 0.5 pc.
  • Mac
  • 120 g sugar 4 tbsp.l.
  • Raisins Light 2 handful
  • cognac 3 tbsp.l.
  • Eggs 1 piece.
  • Step 1 To prepare the pie poppy need flour, sugar, eggs, and cheese for the stuffing, poppy seeds, raisins and lemon peel.
  • Step 2 To prepare the dough you need to connect the flour, baking powder, sugar and butter.
  • Step 3 hands to grind everything into crumbs.
  • Step 4 Lemon good wash and remove his zest.
  • Step 5 Add the crumbs to the oil and half the zest 1 egg.
  • Step 6 Well knead the dough until smooth, elastic state.Wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour.
  • Step 7 Prepare cheese filling.For this it is necessary to melt the butter.
  • Step 8 Connect cottage cheese, sugar, 1 egg, melted butter and remaining half of the peel.
  • Step 9 Well all mix curd should be airy and uniform.
  • Step 10 for poppy fillings 1-2 handfuls of raisins, wash and pour 2-3 tablespoonscognac.
  • Step 11 Mack pour hot water and leave for 5-10 minutes.
  • Step 12 Then poppy wring it well and combine with sugar and raisins.
  • Step 13 Add 1 egg.
  • Step 14 Mack spoon to crush and mix well with the other ingredients.
  • Step 15 2/3 roll out the dough and put it into a form the size of 30h15 cm, previously greased with butter, so that was a side of dough height of 2-4 cm.
  • Step 16 Put curd.
  • Step 17 Top with poppy stuffing.
  • Step 18 From the rest of the dough and cut strips to decorate the cake.Bake in a preheated 180 ° C oven for 35-45 minutes, until golden in color.
  • Step 19 Cool the cake in the form, then remove and cut.