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Chicken Roulade

  • Chicken - 1 Each
  • Omelette - 1 Each
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1 part (or carrots)
  • Spice - 3 grams

Take a fresh, unfrozen chicken - removewings, without damaging the skin - gently removes her skin - and then remove the meat from the bones - twist twice through a meat grinder.Spread on the table skin - evenly spread the stuffing on it - sprinkle with spices - top of bed in the middle of the omelet and lay a slice or boiled carrots or fresh red pepper.Curl it all roll - tied with string - then put into foil.We spread the loaf on a baking sheet, pour a little water, and send it in the oven at 240 to heat for 40 minutes ... The second way: peel off the skins with the meat, spread and slightly repel ...

Servings: 5