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Grilled chicken wings, marinated in beer with a bitter taste

wings in beer Chicken wings marinated in a light beer with mustard and green onions, can be baked under the grill for a barbecue at the picnic, and just cook them in the oven is a good choice!The taste of the finished beer in the wings is not felt, but it remains a pleasant hop aroma, and mustard note makes itself felt.Try these wings with different sauces - delicious is not the word!

  • Chicken wings 600 g
  • Mustard 2 hours. L.
  • Beer light 250 ml
  • Onions green beam 0.5
  • Turmeric 0.5 h. Liter.
  • Salt 1 h. L.
  • ground black pepper 0.25 h. Liter.
  • Step 1 for the preparation of beer wings grilled chicken wings we need, light beer, green onion, prepared mustard, salt, turmeric and black pepper.
  • Step 2 Chicken wings mine, cut into segments on the joints.
  • Step 3 Solim wings, add black pepper, turmeric, mustard, chopped green onions.
  • Step 4 Pouring light beer and stir.Put the wings to marinate in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
  • Step 5 When you are ready to cook them.We spre
    ad wings on a piece of parchment.
  • Step 6 Bake in the oven in the "small grill" about 20-25 minutes.
  • Step 7 We serve grilled wings with beer, with different sauces or as a garnish for meat dish.

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