Ingredients // Spices

Parfait with walnuts and honey

  • Powdered sugar - 20 grams
  • Cream - 250 ml
  • Sour - 40 grams
  • Egg Protein - 2 pieces
  • Walnut - 90 grams
  • Jerez - 20 milliliters
  • Sugar -60 milliliters
  • Cocoa powder - 10 grams
  • Forest honey - 30 grams

1. First of all, beat the egg whites, gradually adding the caster sugar in them (to obtain a stable foam glossy).The solid foam separately whisk the cream.2. pan add sugar and heat it (sugar should be golden-yellow).3. Clear the walnuts, finely chop them and pour in sugar, mix well.They should completely cover the icing.Then, on a pre-prepared foil their spread and give time to cool down.4. Now gently mix the cream with the whipped whites, ostyvshimi nuts, honey, sherry and fat sour cream.All mix well.5. parchment paper are wrapped tins (two layers), it should act over the edge by three centimeters.Fix the tape.Massa put in a mold (it is necessary to two centimeter mass was higher than the edges), and an hour or two or three we put in the freezer.6. fifteen minutes

before serving, take out the mold from the freezer.The paper was removed and parfait pretty thickly sprinkle with cocoa and icing sugar.You can decorate with pieces of walnut.

Servings: 4