Snacks // Tartlets

Tartlets with meat, fruit and cheese

  • Prunes - 250 grams
  • Smoked sausage - 300 grams of salt
  • - - To taste
  • Tartlets - 50 pieces
  • Cheese - 300 grams
  • Bananas - 3 pieces
  • chicken fillet -500 grams

1. First cleanse banana peel, cut into slices it and water them with lemon juice.2. steamed prunes boiled water, well washed and cleaned from the bones.Then cut in half and sliced.3. You must select enough fat smoked sausage, salami good fit, and you can use bacon (too fatty brisket is not worth taking) for uniformly juicy filling.The chicken is dry, if the brisket and sausage are not added.Chicken breast boiled in advance and night constantly in the broth is separated from the bones, and with the skin removed, cut into cubes.4. Chicken meat, sausage, and we mix prunes, and prisolit, spread on the tartlets.To the fragile wall tartlets not broken, it is necessary to impose stuffing very carefully.But the cast filling in the basket have to thoroughly as filling "shrinks" during baking.5. grated cheese and spr

inkle rub them tartlets.To better cheese rubbed on a grater, it is better to freeze.6. Put the tarts on the baking sheet, then set it for ten minutes in the preheated oven.The cheese melted and browned Dolen.The dish is ready.

Servings: 6