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Pigeon Milk Cake

  • flour - 1 cup (1 st. Spoon cream)
  • Eggs - 14 pieces (4 batter 10 on cream)
  • Sugar - 3.5 cup (1 cup of dough, 2 cream icing on 0.5)
  • Gelatin - 3 tbsp.spoon
  • Milk - 1 cup (3 or 4 tbsp. spoon the glaze)
  • Butter - 250 grams (200 to cream frosting on 50)
  • Vanilla - 1 pinch
  • water - 0.5 cups
  • Cocoa - 5 Art.spoons

First, prepare the dough.For this vzobem eggs and add sugar to flour.All mix well.The resulting mixture was divided into 2 parts and bake two thin cakes.Bake cakes should be split form.It is important not to overdo it, to cakes were dry and did not become brittle.The non-stick bowl mix a cup of sugar with a spoonful of flour, then add the egg yolks and mix thoroughly.Pour the milk, stir again and bring the mixture to a boil.The mixture is then remove from heat, cool.Then add the soft butter, vanilla and beat with a mixer.Further, in a separate bowl beat with a mixer to be chilled with a glass of sugar proteins.Along the gelatin heat, drain it and add to the

mixture.Stir mixture thoroughly.Two creamy mass - yellow and white combine in a large saucepan and stir with a mixer.At the bottom of the split form laid the first cake, then pour a thick cream on top cover with a second Korzh.Do not worry, the cream has a fairly dense texture, so the cake will not sink.To quickly frozen cake, send it in the fridge.When cake is completely harden, get it out of the refrigerator and free from mold.Prepare the chocolate icing.To do this in a small saucepan mix: 3-4 Art.spoons of milk, 5 tablespoons.tablespoons of cocoa, half a cup of sugar and 50 grams of butter and bring it all to a boil.The top layer of chocolate frosting smear, smear the sides should not be hot glaze as cream may start to melt.Boca is better to decorate the coconut.

Servings: 6-9