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Mini Pizza

  • finished puff pastry, a pack - 1 Each
  • Flour - to taste (for rolling dough)
  • Seasoning for pizza - to taste
  • tomato paste or ketchup - 4 tbsp.spoon
  • Sweet red pepper - 1 Each
  • Hard cheese - 400 grams
  • cooked sausage or sausages - to taste (1 variant toppings)
  • Smoked sausage or hunting dogs - to taste (1 variant toppings)
  • ham or smokedmeat - to taste (1 variant toppings)
  • Seafood - to taste (you can use some seafood or use seafood mix) 2 version of toppings)

1. Thaw the dough and divide it into four parts.Roll out each of the 4 rectangular formation.2. Select the option of filling.The proportion taken arbitrarily.Cut meat filling in small rings.Maritime cut into small pieces.Red pepper freed from the core and cut into strips.Grate the cheese on a medium grater.3. Put two layers in the sheet or pan.Pre-lay on his parchment paper.The edges of the reservoir bend slightly upwards.In this case, when in the stuffing cheese melts, nothing is spilled.Tomato paste ea

ch layer of grease and sprinkle seasoning.4. All laid follows.In the fourth part of the ketchup and sprinkle with grated cheese.On top put the chopped peppers and stuffing.Sprinkle with remaining cheese.If you love tomatoes, cheese can be put rings of tomato.Put a baking tray in the oven.When the top layer of cheese is completely melted, the pizza is ready.

Servings: 4

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