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How to wean your puppy biting

According to the laws of the pack.

first need to wean the puppy to bite too hard, and then gradually wean biting once and for all.It is important to teach him to control the strength of their jaws and to hold back on to bite you.Puppy just need to learn to think first and then do something about it.Then, in the future he will not bite.

The pack wean puppies biting too hard when playing with their brothers and mother.If your puppy starts to bite too much of their fellows, then they whine of pain and joy immediately ends.Thus, the puppy itself unlearn biting hurts.If the puppy is in the game too hard to bite his mother, he immediately will be waiting for severe punishment.Therefore, it is important to allow the puppy to spend some time with her mother and other puppies.Mother teach a puppy dog ​​behavior rules, and after it much easier to wean and biting you.

puppy biting - one of the stages of its development.More often, and passionately they do when they begin teething.When a teething puppy wants t

o dig them all that he sees.Many owners worry greatly when their once lovely, nice pet is brought into the house, it turns into uncontrollable biting animal.It is important to understand - the puppy does not do it on purpose, it's just another phase in his life.You must take the first step in training a puppy, as this can result in serious problems in the future.

Practical tips.

should not initially allow the puppy to play with body parts.Thus, you allow your puppy to think that you can bite the skin.Never give the puppy to bite, even a finger.If you have seriously decided to wean the puppy from this, you need to stop it every time he starts to bite.

Once again puppy starts biting loudly vskriknite or say "Ouch!".Then a shrill, condemning look at it and walk away.Go back a minute later with a toy.Ask your puppy to play with her.If he starts to bite again, again loudly shout at him and left.Puppies - very substantive contact, they like to play.This sudden stoppage will link in their minds with biting, so they eventually try to stop biting.The puppy does not want to hurt you, and your cry will help them understand that bites bring pain.

If, after using this method is still a puppy biting, try to use a method with Noisy cans.Take the empty jar, put back a few coins and then close the lid.Once the puppy starts to bite, post a voice command, and at the same time, vigorously shake the jar.You can even drop the jar next to the puppy, but do not throw it on the puppy.This gesture will strengthen the voice command.Once the puppy stops biting, encourage him.

also possible to let the puppy play with their relatives.You can burn the puppy to obedience training courses, where it will interact with other dogs.If it becomes rough play with other dogs, he also will get some painful bites.This is best helps with weaning puppy biting.In the game with like a puppy learns by itself acceptable etiquette.This helps him to control his behavior, eliminating the desire to bite other puppies.

can throw Colocynth hand rub or garlic, so that when a dog bites do not like the taste of your hands.This method can be effective in weaning puppy biting, soon it will cease to do so.Puppy is required to exercise.In exhausted and tired puppy appears desire to bite.Let the puppy will play one, ran, stopping it at your convenience.This is extremely helpful for pups who love to bite, because it helps to control them.

best way to wean the puppy biting is a process of substitution.Give him a lot of different toys for chewing.Take your puppy for a walk, play with him in the dog's favorite game, "Bring!"- This will distract his attention from biting.As soon as he will lick you and it does not bite, praise him, giving a treat.With a puppy you need to play every day for 15-30 minutes at least twice a day.It's easy to distract him from thinking something to chew.Let all your family members will be consistent, using the voice command "do not bite."We can not indulge in a dog with violent games, since it could lead to further aggressive behavior puppy.

never resorted to physical punishment, wanting to wean the puppy biting.This is only induce him to bite harder, taking your behavior as a challenge.Never leave alone with puppies of small children, as they are able to do to stop this behavior of the dog.If everything is done quietly and consistently, you will surely achieve success in weaning your puppy biting.

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