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Transportation of pets on the plane

That is why a family vacation without a pet is considered defective.Of course, if the holiday is held at the grandmother in the village, there are no difficulties of any trip or transporting pet causes.And if you decide to fly a plane?

Let's look at what to do, what to transport pets in the aircraft passed without any problems, and you are not left sitting on their suitcases at the airport.


«Without papers - you're an insect, and a piece of paper - a man" - this aphorism is valid not only for people but also for animals.After all, without documents on dog, cat and even a parrot you will not be allowed.Therefore it is necessary beforehand to prepare for departure.

First we need to clearly identify the requirements of your airline.This is because the common rules that would regulate, transport pets in the aircraft, simply, there is only the mandatory conditions, but they are usually supplemented by the airline itself.So, what do you need to prepare for your beloved pet?

To start, you need a passport stamped animal veterinary service to undergo medical examinations and vaccinations, passport and identification code of the owner, proof of vaccination deadline prescription (issued 3 days prior to departure), an export permit from the club pet (if the animal has a breeding value and is in the club), certificate of breeding value (or that the animal is not so).Also, do not do without a certificate, drawn up in accordance with the rules of the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture Russian "form №1».Usually this certificate at the airport, after further examination of the animal you will be exchanged for a veterinary certificate that will melt the basis for the successful flight of an animal abroad.

Note: when filling out documents are required to be filled in English (for Germany - in German), and check that the seal was the organization that issued this certificate.

Transport Regulations.

on where to fly your pet in the cabin or in the luggage compartment of a greater degree will affect its weight.An exception will melt only guide dogs.Usually, the salon allowed pets weighing up to 5kg.In any case it is necessary to provide for the animal container in which you will carry it.According to the rules of such a container must have good ventilation, allow the animal to calm it is in any position, and rotated 360 degrees.Also in the container compartments must be water.The bottom of the container to be watertight, and the absorbent coating.When buying a ticket or booking bother to inform the manager about your wish to travel with an animal.And be prepared to pay for the pleasure, if your pet will be evaluated as excess baggage, or if the dog is more than 40 kg, you will need to purchase a separate ticket for the pupil and a separate place.

If you are going to visit the EU countries and North America, be prepared for the fact that the pet will have to go through the procedure of chipping.The gist of it is that the microchip is injected under the skin, which, if necessary, allows you to track the movement of a pet.Pobespokoytes also his favorite, because the flight of many people is panic and what to speak of the animal.In this case, it is best to consult a veterinarian.It will help you pick up the necessary sedatives, and talk about solving possible problems.


As mentioned earlier, a lot will depend on the chosen airline.But there are some general rules, in violation of which you will not be allowed on board.

So, you will not be allowed if:

- was not passed pre-flight check-in time;

- refers to an exotic animal (depending on the requirements of the airlines, sometimes just enough to draw a few more documents);

- restrictions in the importing country, or the airline (such confusion is possible, if you asked this question out of time).

- in some companies, a ban on the transportation of certain breeds of dogs, for example: dog fighting breeds, including cross-breeds, or such as the English bulldog, pug and Pekingese.


Here special requirements and permits several airlines regarding the transportation of pets:

airline "Aeroflot" - permitted in the cabin, taking into account all standards cats and dogs of any weight up to 8 kg.

The airline S7 - youin any case, graciously offered to send your pet in the luggage compartment as well as the transport of pets in the cabin is not available. Also, you will behave airline "Transaero". In both cases, the exception will become guide dogs.

When Swiss Air flight airplanes animal will be allowedthe salon, taking into account the presence of up to 7 kg weight, no matter it is a dog or cat, will also be taken into account here, and the weight of the container, whether the animal has a pungent odor, is a healthy, clean and not pregnant.

When aircraft airline flight «ALITALIA», forpremises animal in the cabin you need to size the cell does not exceed 48 * 33 * 26 cm, weight of the animal together with the container and power was up to 10 kg, otherwise you will be offered to move the container in the luggage compartment.

Depending on the airline, and also vary the value of the excess weight, so be prepared to pay from 8 to 15 dollars per 1 kg.If you still had to surrender a pet in the luggage compartment, pobespokoytes that he had everything we needed, and be sure to make a bright mark on the container with the words "live animal".In any case, please bring the medication to your pet.After all, many animal diseases are exacerbated under stress.