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How to make the house comfortable and beautiful?

every woman's dream to create a comfortable home.And it does not need to contrive repairs, they say that every woman knows how to make the house more attractive and more comfortable for men.Enough to know the simple things and unbanal ideas reveal the secrets of a cozy house.

housing security is the most important in the world, and each person has a right, how to make the room harmonious, but still the teachings of Feng Shui is very common.Masters of Feng Shui served only wealthy people can, so the emperors of China were so honored, rich and famous.

Since then, times have changed, the foundations of our life at home.It has become the norm apartment buildings, air conditioning, balcony glazing, Internet access, small dogs, and everything that makes our present life.But how would the world look no different, still working conservation laws.Knowing these rules, we can change a lot in my life in a good way.

Animals in your home.
is not uncommon, and for the stability and well-being is best wind aquatic

turtles, the best pet for security can be a frog.For single women, it is a cat, she opens femininity hostess and couples better not to have a cat, it can bring into the house quarrel.For family and young children, pets may be the best fish, and how to maintain the master of Feng Shui for harmony and well-being must be kept in an aquarium fish and one black goldfish 8.

Regarding the doors in front and straight stairwells, then get rid of the bad energy, it is necessary to hang over the door mirror, then all the discussion, gossip will pass the living space.The corridor is the face of your apartment, so it should be bright, memorable and well-lit.Under the mat at the door put a few coins for good luck.The ideal option if the front door is located opposite the living room.It so happens that the door is located opposite the room hosts that will eventually lead to misunderstandings and quarrels may be the beginning.To divert attention from the rooms, to decorate the hall, hang a picture with peonies, this will help the girls find worthy suitors.All the doors in the room must be closed.

for hurrying people, the question arises, where to store the sex - cleaners, rags, mops, do not leave in plain sight, especially in the kitchen.Who does not provide storage, but if you do not follow this rule, their owners will be difficult to get rid of the constant shortage of money.Do not keep in the house cabinets with open shelves, do not sleep under beams of the ceiling, do not hang in the bedroom mirror image with animals or with aggressive people will lead to a deterioration of physical or emotional health.Follow the rule of "two", all in the house should be the guy, then your personal life and business will be on top.

How to make a home cozy with the help of smell?
easiest way to create a comfortable home, is to fill it with a pleasant scent.And it goes on air fresheners, and about ordinary flavors.This will help you effectively smell of fresh coffee and the aroma of fresh baking tenants creates a good mood.With other scents that waft from the kitchen need to be careful.The smell of fried chicken and potatoes can be annoying, especially if it is heavily ingrained in the furnishings and fabrics.

Here you will come to the aid of essential oils.And the easiest way to flavor room using aromatic lamp.To obtain the corresponding effect, it is necessary to choose the essential oil.And then out of any competition - lavender, pine, citrus smells, vanilla, cinnamon.You can burn the incense, but remember, not all of their love, they give a "smoky" smell.

Use warm colors in the house.
Indoor warm colors make it a cozy, narrow space.Orange, yellow, warm red shades, green and beige shades soothe.Simply use warm colors, add accessories and fabrics matching color, it can be statues, candles (optional burning), beautiful pillows, paintings, carpets, furniture cushion.If you have enough money and time to create comfort in the house, you can change the furniture and re-stick wallpaper.

Add the nature of the interior .
natural things naturally and simply create comfort in the house and make the house beautiful.It may be green plants, aquarium, illuminated in a special way, accessories made of natural stones, such as candle holder, furniture made of untreated wood.Very much fascinating human fire, and despite the fact that it is electric, it brings home something primeval.If you can not buy a fireplace, then this will help ordinary candle because fire is a natural element.

home comforts in the air.
Whatever were the flavors, but it never hurts to fresh air.So often ventilate the room, including winter.Get rid of junk, it will help to clean and freshen your room.

Add the warm home accessories .
We want to get warm in autumn and winter, so before the summer is necessary to remove the pads with birds and flowers, colored curtains.Beautifully arrange the stuffed toys, buy sandpaper on the floor, or a parody of the pelt, get to bed a warm blanket.

Now we know how to make the house comfortable and beautiful, these tips, and you have at home is nice and cozy.

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