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On love of the famous man - Alexander Herzen

Back in 1835, after several months in prison, Alexander Herzen was exiled to Vyatka.Exiles Herzen lives in the provincial Vyatka lasted three years, that is how much time was spent on the realization that his life is the love of a lifetime - his cousin Natasha Zakharyin.

Link to Vyatka helped the young boy to grow into a mature man, is possible without this period of his life, we would not know such a talented writer and public figure, what later became Herzen.About

most Vyatka Herzen spoke with contempt, poisonous laughed mores of provincial residents, the evil ridiculed vyat officials, their gossip and excesses.All the social and cultural life was biting irony Herzen.Herzen called Vyatka "Marsh", and not surprising, since the young capital "guest" came to the Russian heartland with the intention to entertain, organize feasts and seduce women.Soon the provincial boredom struck Herzen, because here he could not even brought the capital to show off outfits.It is interesting to note that in addition to

fashionable costumes, Herzen had brought with him to Vyatka boxes with sparkling wines and a lot of money.Who are the young people do not like merry!

Natalia Zakharyin knew about entertainment and passions of Alexander, but she could not help it, she found the strength to justify her lover, for he wrote to her such heartfelt letter about his feelings.He called her his angel pure beauty.

Indeed, love Herzen was large and strong.Natalie - was his goal that he sought to return by all means.But for many kilometers from Moscow won blond erotic, spiritual feelings.As they say, take your hormones.Herzen had a lot of other women.

bachelor apartment Herzen gradually became more and more like a drunken den, because every night is arranged sweeping noisy, drunken orgies."The noise orgies, reminds me of my youth drinking, where dreams, as if through a fog, high vision" - so in his letters to Natalie Herzen excuses for their behavior, and each time promised that drunkenness is over, but come evening and appeared "friends ", and again the night Vyatka shook loud sounds of feasting in the apartment Herzen.A young Natalya waited for her beloved from exile ...

Many novels started Herzen in Vyatka, many of them were simply scandalous and shocked the public provincial town.Capital "womanizer" skillfully dizzy not only vyatchankam very young, but experienced Vyatka matrons.Especially loud publicity received his relationship with his wife officials.Their romance developed rapidly, and even so happened that the woman suddenly widowed.Here Herzen decided to go into the bush and refused to marry her.Secular lady was greatly dishonored.Herzen get out of this unpleasant situation by a happy circumstance - in late 1837 by the decision of Alexander II changed his place of exile, he was transferred to Vladimir.

Natalya knew about infidelity and Herzen, but true love is able to tolerate and forgive.Their romance was romantic, beautiful, just like in the books about love.Natalia was for Herzen the lightest and pure being in the world.And unless you can not forgive a person everything is just because you are for it - like a god?

Natalia Herzen married secretly, without obtaining parental consent to the marriage.For their love did not exist social boundaries.All my life they have lived together.Book

love is even real people.Learn to forgive and be happy!