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Singer - "fabrikantka" Sati Casanova

parents and three sisters - it is with them, she tries to spend all their free time."Even if it's two or three days - I get on a plane and fly to his native Nalchik.Not to mention the vacation: relax, we always travel around the whole family "- says our heroine.Sachi recalls the first time she was not easy to adapt to the Moscow rhythm of life ("I remember all the time tore to go home, which, however, is done in the breaks between study and work. But whenever the parents charged me such strength and self-confidence,I returned to the capital with a fighting spirit!

- In pevitsy- "fabrikantki" Sati Casanova pretty tough schedule of work and family is not always at hand. How do you manage to restore power? - The most important thing - it is a stable sleep eight or nine hours.When enough sleep, then you are always in a good mood and depression rarely visited.

- So
, still depressed and you are? - Of course, there are, like all normal people. I think it is just normal whenthey did not happen. I just ne

ver let myself become limp. After depressiya- is discouraged and depressed - it is a sin. So sad moments I try to communicate with their parents, pray. And I read philosophical spiritual books, it helps me to go to the rightpath tune in.

- But romance and cheer up, do not you?- I understand what you're getting.This is normal and natural that readers interested in my personal life, but, sorry, I did not tell.All the more so with men's complicated (laughs).

- And what is the ideal man from pevitsy- "fabrikantki" Sati Casanova?- I have so many times repeated the word "dignity" that it has lost its power and significance.I try not to build their ideal.Sometimes I think, 'My God, what if I'm lucky and I'll find the person, which will have all the qualities that I like in men. "Perhaps it is naive, but because of the fact it is the dream - the dream of a prince on a white horse.

- Sati Casanova is ready to start a family?Cook, but with applicants trouble (laughs).I'm man chooses heart!And it is something silent.So much so that I began to persuade myself: "Well, look at that, he's good, see what his gas ..." But now the man to a marriage lightly.And for me this is the key question.I do not want to live a civil marriage.I too appreciate the inner area to "experiment" to allow someone to himself.I want everything at once!

- clear.Sati, but what about the creative plans?- We are "factories" old song recorded it about a holiday romance.Just imagine: girls lie on the beach and discuss passing men.Clip humorous and removes it Fyodor Bondarchuk.Fedor - wonderful, it took us many beautiful video!And still I dream cultivate vocals With Tutor.I want to be supervokalistkoy.To the concert the audience crying, were inspired to feel like they are filled with a sense of beauty and magic.This is my dream!

- Sati Casanova
- very romantic girl.- I'm quite romantic, but I was not a sissy name.Recently I cultivate willpower.For example, I take a shower in the morning only cold.

- This is one of the secrets of your beauty?- I do not have any special secrets.All there is - everything from nature.Besides, I'm not physically reaches the beautician, the whole city is in a traffic jam, and I'm so sorry my time, I'm better than singing favorite workout or yoga.The main thing, in my opinion, support the correct way of life - do not drink, do not smoke, do not carry loose way of life.I myself not without sin, but now me correct (laughs).A universal beauty secret - a proper diet and sleep.And smaller experiments on their own appearance.Nature creates man with a hair color, it is perfectly suitable.

Whatever wished
Sati Casanova to our readers?- I do not want to talk platitudes.I wish all harmony, self-realization.Everyone has to go your way, make some mistakes.I wish that it passed as painlessly as possible.Life - in a sense, as an institution, but no one here puts estimates.I wish her the steps taken as priceless expensive lessons.

Interesting facts: Sati Casanova studied at the Children's School of Arts (department of academic singing).Now the singer is studying in GITIS."Acting to me, as a singer, it can not hurt.On the other hand, will be more convincing on the stage - said Sati.- I really want to be in the movies.By the way, I made her debut in the movie.In the film Alexander Atanesyan "Montana" I played a cameo than very proud. "