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Myths and facts about the current pregnancy

Waiting baby in our enlightened times remains very serious and important matter, and any expectant mother does not want to miss anything important.And the main source of information are still relatives and acquaintances.Women who himself ever bear, give birth and raise children.Though ever.Well, or at least help in this matter.Or hear someone advise how to behave, to have everything right ... No wonder that among all these confidential conversation, no, no yes and emerge myths and superstitions - though new, though old.If something can be surprised and so unless the survivability of some of them have come down to us and in fact from the past ... However, such myths, though noteworthy, usually moms worried much less than the controversial and oftenfrightening "accurate" information experienced friends.

moods and irritability
- binding satellites pregnancy.

Alas, it's hard to argue.

And it's not that the woman suddenly appear some hidden featuresthe person or, as some believe, the child begins

to "show character", and that the mother is transferred.Everything is much simpler and more prosaic: the first 3 months of pregnancy a woman has dramatically increased production of progesterone - a hormone that is responsible for the infamous PMS (premenstrual syndrome), with frequent irritability women on the eve of "critical days". Well, then, I trimester of pregnancythe amount of progesterone in the body increases several times, even compared with the premenstrual period! Myths and facts about modern pregnancy there are so many, but not all be trusted.

, it significantly affects the state of the nervous system. Yes, andsharply deteriorating state of health, and the general uncertainty (characteristic not only for those who first pregnancy) are felt not the best way. What can advise? others - be patient and wait out the first, the most critical period: the beginning of II trimester body (and the nervous system, too) is adapted to the changed conditions, the reactions are again fully adequate.Well, most expectant mother should try to control myself, to remember that it is valid now her mood and not irritated over nothing - it's bad for her, and for the development of the child.

Pregnant women should be protected from any stress

also correct.However, protection from stress does not mean what is sometimes trying to achieve caring relatives and friends - complete rest for the mother.Pregnancy itself is a fairly strong source of emotion and fears for a woman, and so, from which, not going anywhere.From severe stress (especially long), overly strong emotions, fear future mother should be possible to protect - but at the same time, avoiding "fear of fear" nervous tension because of the fact that any little thing that made a little worried, certainly will cause harmchild. The nervous system and the mom and the baby is well protected by nature of short-term and small troubles. More positive emotions, more thoughts about good and pleasant experience, and you may well avoid the accumulation of nervous tension.

Expectant mother needs complete rest and contraindicated any load.

Here, it is already possible and necessary to argue ... The first living person to complete rest if achievable, in very specific circumstances - for example, some medical experiments that scientists limit the impact of external stimuli, and loadsetc. Secondly, the same experiments have shown that complete rest for a healthy person is harmful. To our body worked fine - we have to move, stretch the muscles are constantly testing different kinds of stress and feelings ... Of course, thisIt does not mean that the pregnant woman should, for example distant grandparents, to work in full force up to the birth and give birth in the workplace.But the reasons for completely abandon active lifestyle (especially if it is like the woman herself) for all 9 months - not so much.Activity should be reasonable to limit - but not stop!

Much depends on the individual characteristics - both the expectant mother and pregnancy, as well as the myths and facts about the current pregnancy.If all goes well, then in the first months (30 weeks), a woman can lead a normal life with a few restrictions.Many continue to engage in sports, fitness - but, of course, the training regime should be reviewed in the light of the changed state of the organism.There is even a set of exercises to help prepare for childbirth and many women doctors recommend special exercises to strengthen the muscles and the body as a whole.

In the early stages, many expectant mothers continue to drive the car - there is already possible to argue whether it will benefit the unborn child - stress, prolonged sitting in the passenger compartment, the exhaust gases - all of which can cause deterioration.However, if all goes well, the woman leads a long time and steadily, without straining for every trip - after consultation with the doctor is quite possible to continue driving.But towards the end of II trimester even experienced avtolyubitelnitsam still better not to get behind the wheel: at this time, and the body begins to react differently to stress, and, last but not least, inhibited the reaction to changes in the situation - it is a natural state for a pregnant woman,but detrimental to our road stream.It is doubly devastating - for the child: accident, which under normal circumstances would have led only to a minor injury, and acute, but quickly passing stress may cause miscarriage or premature birth ...

, from the beginning of pregnancy is not neededI worry about their future, "helplessness" and the fact that a few months will not be "real" life, and quietly prepare for the different variants of the situation - whether it's an easy problem pregnancy or when you want to change the number of the rhythm of life.It is best not to plan anything requiring large loads, ready to change the schedule of work and rest - and even gradually begin to focus on new worries that in actual fact just begin when the pregnancy is over and the family will be a welcome addition.By the way, easy during pregnancy, some women gave birth to one more modern form of myths and facts about the current pregnancy.

for pregnant almost nothing changes

those for whom this was true, for all who have been without a period of nervousness, weakness, severe reactions to familiar smells, the majority, passed through all the "joy" can only envy ...However, even here all individually. For example, in the case since the next, is not a rare myth.

Any pregnant woman passes through heavy morning sickness

severe morning sickness early - with constant nausea, severe vomiting, need for the appointment of special preparations and intravenous "feeding"drip (due to inability to feed himself) - the phenomenon is by no means unique, but not so often.Medical help because of these manifestations is drawn no more than 10% of women.Of the remainder - about the same faces no toxicity at all, during the whole period of pregnancy.Well, the majority will sooner or later happen nausea, especially in the morning or in stuffy rooms, with the appearance of unpleasant odors.Such problems usually handle future mothers - are fast enough, "their" products that reduce nausea (sour, salty, mint, etc.). They can be put in the evening near the bed in the morning and immediately interrupt beginning "violent reaction".Well, of course, the future mother must often visit the open, and in case of relapse - do not be shy to talk about them with your doctor.

pregnancy should eat for two - for himself and for the child

It is considered not just a myth and fact about the modern pregnancy - this is one of the most harmful myths about pregnancy.In the first months of the baby weighs only a few grams daily and gaining weight a few milligrams.Even in the later stages of pregnancy weight gain is about 35 grams per day - that's quite a bit, if you count our normal diet, even taking into account its digestibility and energy costs.Therefore, the expectant mother should eat only for itself - to maintain a complete, balanced nutrition.Trying to "eat for two", especially in toxicosis can lead to nausea and vomiting. Irrationally the increased diet lead to rapid weight gain, unrelated to child growth: quite simply, obesity - that it is just what is harmful. Asswelling, often starting at the "double" of the power of the non-water-salt balance.A significant increase in appetite and a noticeable weight gain in normal pregnancy begins only with the III trimester.

Average food fetus depends not on the number of eaten the mother, and from the blood vessels of the placenta and the general circulation of women.Because it is necessary to add to the diet of multivitamin complexes, designed specifically for pregnant women.

If you eat too many vitamins, the child will be born too big

size of the baby in a far more determined not by how and what mom eats during pregnancy and heredity and other factors that affect fetal development.Of course, if a woman is starving, it is difficult to wait for the hero, but in the normal diet "overfeed" the child will not work - it will take the body of the mother as much substance as it will be needed.

If the III trimester of taking calcium supplements, the child overgrown fontanelle

without prescription "extra" calcium supplements do not have to accept, and especially - during pregnancy, but this is not due to the "ossification" and in violation of the tissue fluids and electrolyte balance of mother and child. If there are signs of failure (usuallylater stages), you need to fill to increase spending. But food is difficult to obtain an excess of this element - "food" calcium is absorbed much worse.Seals the skull bones, premature overgrowth fontanelles and sutures do occasionally occur, but they are not linked to the amount of calcium in the body.Such phenomena - a sign that the baby bear, and his body began the processes that must occur after childbirth.

All pregnant necessarily appear stretch

This problem is directly related to overweight and low activity during pregnancy - it is easy to notice the consequences of two other "bad advice". Stretch marks appear, especially in cases whereweight (and volume!) growing too quickly - the skin just does not have time to adapt to changes. In some cases, a predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks can be hereditary. Even if women in the family were stretching, is now the risk of their occurrence can be reduced by using special creamspregnant.

during pregnancy can not be used in cosmetics, paint the head, cutting hair, take a bath

After accurately follow this advice there is another myth - that pregnancy makes a woman ugly ... of course, can and should be cutting hair:sometimes they begin to split at the ends or, vice versa, to grow faster than normal - it is related to hormonal changes in the organism and changes of skin condition.Superstition, prescribing to pregnant women in any case not to get a haircut, going from very ancient times, and due to the fact that some peoples hair is considered a repository of "life force." The ban on hair coloring, however, has a much more modern origin. In the days of our grandmotherspaint can be harmful to health. Today, this is no problem, because there is a special cosmetics for pregnant women.

But advice about a bathroom is largely due to the very real concerns, though belonging to a well-defined period of pregnancy and well-defined conditions. In the later stages of the hotbath (with a water temperature of 38 C and higher) can trigger premature labor - so you better make the water a little cooler. But at normal temperature - 36 C and below - there are no restrictions. Moreover - this bath has a calming effect, helps relievevoltage - and nervous, and physical. In the water, our body becomes easier - including a large, heavy stomach, "rest" from which sometimes does not hurt.It does not harm the child (he already floating in the amniotic fluid), and subject to the normal rules of hygiene and sanitation bring the danger of infection (that too many people fear, preferring to wash in the shower), virtually none.

If you sleep on your back, the child can choke

directly to the child in such a situation is not threatened - it is at the top, it weighs nothing.But the body of his mother turns out to be pinned down in weight of the uterus, with all its precious contents.This is especially noticeable in the second half of pregnancy - so that doctors really recommend to choose another pose.However, even without medical advice long lying on his back under a big and heavy stomach "remind" about yourself low back pain, breathing problems, problems with a chair (due to compression of the intestine), and other troubles. One of the most dangerous problems posed by such a posture- compression of the inferior vena cava, through which blood flows from the lower half of the body to the heart. However, all the troubles of this mother feels on itself long before there is a real danger to the child, and briefly lying on his back (during procedures easilyrest) does not bring much harm.

If raise their hands above their heads, the child obovetsya cord

By cord entanglement hand position has not the slightest relationship - this is a dangerous situation arises because of the great length of the umbilical cord (which is connected only with special needs)and active movements of the child. But there is another danger, not reflected in superstitions, but a well-known gynecologist if late in pregnancy does not just raise your hands (such as holding the high-rail transport) and pick something up with effort and long hold.

According to national signs
, the expectant mother should not get involved in knitting.However, what could be better for the crumbs than sweater associated with all of my mother's love?

(trying to put a heavy object on a high shelf, hang clothes, make gymnastic exercise force) - risk of rupture of membranes and preterm delivery.

With cord entanglement associated and another very common belief - pregnant prohibited knit, untie and generally to deal with any knots ... But here we are in the field of medical care in the world the facts of ancient rites and take.Knit - to tie the umbilical cord;put his legs - the legs of the child are the curves;there are red fruits and berries - the child will be rosy ... Really in such superstitions only one thing: if afraid to do something wrong, inner fears will only grow.How it affects the health of mother and child, we have already found.So do not be afraid, check rumors doctors - and you and your baby will be all right!

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