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We plan conception: Tips for Men and Women

Sometimes prospective parents have problems conceiving.To conceive passed quickly, you can get help tips from this article.So, we plan conception: tips for men and women.

tips for men.

After the young man becomes sexually mature, his lifelong production of spermatozoa takes place.Sperm - a male sex cell.Scientifically proven fact: during the life in the male testes produce hundreds of billions of sperm!But this does not mean that a man prolific at any time.The quality of male sperm depends on the way of life that leads a man, on his satisfaction with sex life, the seasons and the availability of harmful habits, illnesses and even the mood.

to conceive a strong and healthy child, the man must be some time before conception begin to carry out the following tips and advice:

- Give up bad habits.If you smoke and you can not overcome your nicotine cravings, then as far as possible, at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.Nicotine is very strongly influenced by the quality and quantity

of sperm.Male smokers is formed not so much sperm, remember this.

- Avoid drinking for 3 months prior to conception, they also reduce the likelihood of conception, as a depressing effect on sperm.

- Watch your clothing: do not wear tight swimming trunks and jeans.It's better if you're wearing loose pants and trousers, as the free position of the scrotum provides the desired body temperature for the formation of sperm.

- Eat more fruits and vegetables, protein foods.

- Exercise or permanently give yourself exercise.

Tips for Women.

Pregnancy - is a real challenge for the female body.It is therefore very important that the expectant mother was completely healthy, as the state of her health depends on the health and development of her baby.That future pregnancy and childbirth did not bring problems and have gone well, follow these tips and tricks:

- if you are taking contraceptive pills, then you should know that after the end of their reception capacity to conceive a child may not recover immediately, and within one ortwo months.Contraceptives that you have taken, will not harm the unborn child.

- before conception visit a gynecologist.If necessary, your doctor will prescribe additional tests and analyzes.Certainly, the doctor will advise you to be tested for latent infections and sexually transmitted diseases, the existence of which she sometimes does not know, because they are often asymptomatic.It is difficult to treat such disease itself during pregnancy, so it is best to cure them in advance.Ask your gynecologist for you all important questions.

- give up bad habits - almost the main purpose of a woman wishing to become pregnant.Cigarettes and alcohol are not only significantly reduce the ability to conceive, but also can trigger complications of pregnancy lead to fetal malformations.A particularly dangerous alcohol and nicotine in the first weeks of pregnancy, at this period lays the basic system of the body of a child.

- If you have health problems (injuries, chronic illness), you need to consult a doctor.Pregnancy sometimes provokes serious complications of the disease.Prevention in this case, above all.

- Remember that during pregnancy, rubella can not be hurt, because the disease causes severe fetal malformation or death.Therefore, before a planned pregnancy is better for security unborn baby, get tested for susceptibility to rubella.Some doctors even recommend to make the expectant mother vaccinated against rubella.

- If you have a family or husband's family has a genetic condition, your couple should consult a geneticist.

- If you have any disease, and you're constantly taking medication, consult your doctor, since many drugs can harm the fetus, especially in the early stages of its development.

- Weight expectant mother should be the norm.Overweight and underweight adversely affect fetal development.

- Meals should be balanced and varied.Mom-and the one that wants it to become a must receive adequate daily amounts of vitamins and minerals in the diet.Do not forget that vitamins are necessary for normal development of the baby.

- A month before the desired conception can start taking folic acid.The daily dose - 4 mg.This vitamin is synthesized components of DNA, prevents the risk of congenital malformations of the fetus, the fetus eliminates the defects of the spine.Natural sources of folic acid - green peas, citrus fruits, cheese, cottage cheese, lettuce, sorrel.

- Exercise regularly.Do not forget about exercise during pregnancy.They contribute to the painless and easy childbirth.