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seems nothing new, we will not open, if we recall that anatomically hair is divided into core (trunk) and the root or hair follicle.Many parameters laid genetically and depend on our origin, for example the length and thickness.For the longest hair grows from representatives of the Mongoloid race, the shortest - have Negroid, Europeans also are placed in the middle.On average, hair grows 1 cm per month and is growing by 3 to 6 years, and then lost his hair in place grows a new one.Normally, in the night falls from 40 to 80 hair.The thickness of the hair depends on a person's age, hair color and, again, of belonging to a particular race.Typically, the most thick and coarse hair Asians;Negroid hair have rarely thick.Newborn hair about 2-3 times thinner than that of adults.In old age, hair also becomes thinner.In addition, the thickest hair red, brunettes have more thin, even thinner at Brown and the thinnest at blondes.

understood that such "raw data" we can not influence, but, never

theless, in our hands to strengthen hair through diet.

What love hair: fish, poultry, lean meat, chicken, or even better, quail eggs, nuts, legumes contain protein, which provides hair growth, as well as all of these foods are rich in copper.That it is involved in pigmentation and prevents the appearance of gray hair.Natural vegetable oil, bread from wheat flour, sunflower seeds are needed for the formation of keratin, the main component of hair.To preserve the natural shine, strength and elasticity of hair, do not forget about laminaria, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese.Vitamin A, which is a lot in carrot, green vegetables and wild rose, makes hair less brittle and brittle, stimulates growth and cell division.Vitamin E - a hunter of free radicals - contributes to hair restoration.Champion of the content of vitamin E - peppers.

What do not like the hair: fried foods, canned foods, animal fats, salty and spicy.Avoid fast food: hamburgers, hot dogs, pies, pasties cause metabolic disorder that adversely affects the condition of hair.


But outside of the hair by 90% consists of dead cells.That is - the dead.So, try to get rid of, for example, dryness and lomkomsti, leaning on products from the above list - completely pointless.No new hair will grow back, of course, a strong and healthy, but we do not fit option trimming a damaged curls?

most important thing is what we are told by scientists from research centers, and that it would be good to understand: the state of regrown hair depends on the state of the cuticle - the protective sheath that covers each hair.The cuticle consists of 6-9 layers of cells and the structure resembles shingles or scales of pine cones, and sent these scales from the hair root to the end.Worth flakes "razlohmatitsya" - and the hair breaks, gets too dry, loses its shine and elasticity and begins to split.Unfortunately, the process of "deterioration" of the cuticle is inevitable: lighting, frequent coloring, perming or, conversely, straightening of hair, use a hair dryer with hot air, but a little too zealous wiping the hair wash and wrong - all this adversely affects the condition of hair.

Abandon all this we are unlikely, but some simple steps to help at least not exacerbate the condition of damaged hair, and even improve it.

• Do not wash your hair "once again", because every dressing down is the mechanical and chemical attack.
• Do not rub your hair too carefully - just gently blot them with a towel.
• Do not brush wet hair, avoid hair combed back.
• Remember that high temperatures not only adversely affect the cuticles - they simply destroy it.Hair dryer, curling, straightening tongs - all this must be used with great caution!

And the last question: is there any miracle drugs, allowing to restore your hair?

Let's start with the main - if the hair is severely damaged, no power on earth will make them healthy.It is sad - but the fact is that in some cases (for example, after re-perm, coupled with clarification) the only way - to cut hair.

Remember that the important thing is what "targeted" funds for the care and rehabilitation, is the "glue" cuticle: the denser they are adjacent to each other, the more smooth, shiny and elastic hair will be.It is in this direction, for example, "work" balm-conditioner.But most importantly - hair care should be permanent and systematic.After all, we want them to be beautiful?

Magazine "Good advice» № July 2008