Beauty // Hair care

Laying fine hair

Change parting .If over time you place the part in one and the same place, the hair may become accustomed to and lie flat on this portion of the head.Divide hair parted on the other side, and they again become lush at the roots.

Peeling shampoo .If once a week to make a special exfoliating hair, thin hair will become lighter and more lush.At the same time the hair freed from the remnants of funds for maintenance and installation.

properly dry your hair .Hair styling products can not be applied to wet hair - it's twice reduces its effect.First, all of the hair a little dry the hair dryer, directing a jet in different directions.Then rub in the hair foam volume.After that, a hairdryer to style your hair as usual.

The fewer, the better .Try as little as possible to use the products created on the principle of "two in one".Their constituent material after repeated applications begin to settle on the hair, why they become heavier and fall into the individual strands.

Easy Spray .Wax, gel or balm are

not suitable for fine hair because they have the opposite effect.As soon as you walk out onto the street, the hair will become dull, heavy hair out of shape.During processing, hair dryer, spray spray individual strands.Then the hair volume will increase significantly.

Bottom Up .If you have medium length hair or long, should not be applied on top of the spray.Slightly tilt your head and sprinkle with hair from the bottom up - they would be better to hold on.

No load !Means for treatment of hair are too complex composition and are not suitable for rare fine hair - they are much heavier blocked.Therefore, for the care of such hair, use ultra-light special means to increase the volume.They do not give excessive stress on the hair, but make them fluffy and light.

bright strands .Since the surface of the hair coloring becomes less smooth, they cease to be scattered and become more docile, giving the illusion of greater splendor.

Update .During the day, you can moisturize the hair with the spray.Apply a small portion of light cream or foam for packing and allow hair to dry yourself.

tie a "tail» .Long straight hair for the night in a tight tie "ponytail", positioning it as high as possible.Then the next morning on your head "will be" a magnificent lush hair.

With diffuser .Warm air is directed to the roots of hair, raises them, drying, and, accordingly, makes hair lush and voluminous.

slight cooling .After treatment, hair dryer, it must first be allowed to cool, and then proceed to installation.Then the hair will stay lush and hair will not lose shape.

Curler .Hair shoulder length and longer dry the hair dryer so that they were nearly dry, then spray the spray-fixative and then screwed into thick hair curlers.Position the rollers do not close, but at some distance from each other.A little dry the hair dryer and let the hair cool.

Clips .Fluid for styling, rub in hair, fix individual strands clasps and dry hair at the roots.Give your hair, as it should, to cool, remove the clips, hair lay hands.

Prop .Shorter hair will keep supporting longer hair, giving it the necessary flexibility.Hair would be better to keep the volume and look.

Superduet .First, dry hair, holding hair above her head.Then the individual strands lay with a hair dryer and a round brush ends alternately in and out.At the end of their fix hairspray.

Top down .After washing, dry the hair with a towel.Then sprinkle them spray at the roots for volume and only then treated hair dryer, holding it above his head and combing hair with your fingers.

lush at the roots .To while processing a hairdryer hair was lush at the roots and more voluminous strands grab fingers and pulling tight, lift up.At the base of the hair, apply a spray holder, dry the hair dryer and let them cool down as it should.