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Hairstyles on its side

Hairstyles on its side

hair fixing side never lost relevance.The most common length is the length of the hair to the blades.Hairdressers have developed a large number of different versions of this hairstyle.Just do not limit your imagination, use different decor (long earrings, hair clips, combs, beads, rhinestones, flowers).In this case, your hairstyle will look quite original and refined.

stranded hair on the side perfectly suited to daily image, or become the perfect complement festive dress at a wedding, prom or corporate parties.Its main advantage is the lack of symmetry and apparent accuracy, which in turn gives additional charm hair and makes it visible on the rest.One of the options daily hairstyles you can see in the attached video:

Types hairstyle to one side


This option is perfect for owners of medium and long length hair.To do this, you need to create spiral curls: divide the hair at the roots into small strands and wind them on the curling, holding it at the roots.Then yo

u need to fix the resulting masterpiece of lacquer.For better fixation should resort to using rubber bands, pins and hairpins.It should be noted that in order to hold the volume of head of hair is not necessary to comb the resulting curls.Start creating curls on the side opposite the one on which are stacked hair.At the final stage of a haircut on its side can be decorated with flower-hairpin.

Dropping hair

This option is considered the most easy to implement.You just need to make a side parting and move the hair in the desired direction.The image of the elegant supplement ear rings or clips, it will be interesting to look long earrings only on one side.This method of stacking is perfect for owners of short hair.Uneven strands, feathered bangs that cover part of the face, became very popular with today's youth.You can also curl tongs curls and combed to the side, leaving one of the strands to give the image of a certain negligence.To prolong the life of a haircut on its side, you can use stealth.

Spit on its side

Kos has always been a popular type of women's haircuts.Today the most common braids for two, three and six strands - is not worth it too tight tighten.To create such a haircut perekin'te hair on the right side and begin to braid a braid that will not come from the tips.Then fix the result band.To such a haircut on his side looked nonchalant, remove a few strands of braids.The resulting image can be supplemented with flowers, including artificial.

There are many variations of hairstyles on your side.Here you can combine a variety of decorative elements, experimenting with the dimension of locks and curls.And sooner or later you will be able to choose the same option hairstyles, with which you will look amazing.

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