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As laminated hair at home

shampoo and other means for laminating

for lamination hair at home, we need a special chelating shampoo that deeply cleanses the hair, not only from dust and dirt but also from the traces of styling products.But if so you could not buy, instead you can use your usual shampoo.

themselves means for laminating are different.There are single-phase, high-speed, means to express lamination and so on.In this case, we used a two-phase complex brand Concept.This brand is well-suited for home lamination, as the budget is fairly easy to use.So do we need oil or caregiver means to ends.

laminating hair at home - step by step guide

Attention!If you dye your hair or toniruete, this must be done prior to lamination in a few days.If you are prone to allergies and skin rashes, be sure to perform the test the reaction.
  1. To prepare for the procedure, the hair must be well comb and then wash.

    If you use your normal shampoo, then it must be done several times to thoroughly remove all dirt.Give your hair a little

  2. special brushes for painting applied to the hair strand by strand with a thin layer of first hot phase.It is necessary to derogate from the roots of 1-2 cm, otherwise the roots of the hair will appear greasy and lose volume.

  3. This is a hot phase, so after applying the tools needed to create a thermal effect.Hair must be wrapped in foil or put on a special hat.

    then wrap the towel warmer and occasionally warm hairdryer.The composition on the hair is left for 15-20 minutes, depending on the degree of hair damage.

  4. After the specified time required to wash the hair with running water and towel dry a little bit.
  5. then brush Apply the product as a cold phase.It's a little thick than the first, so it must be well distributed, that there was no effect of gravity after lamination and greasy hair.

  6. reserve agent for 10 minutes, then you can start laying or dry hair naturally.Rinse agent is not required.The tips of the hair grease droplets of oil or any means of caring.

procedure lamination hair can be repeated every 3-4 weeks.It is funded, and each time the hair will look and feel better.You can take breaks to use about six months.After the procedure, the hair becomes soft and manageable, there is a natural shine.

masks of gelatin laminating

Lamination of hair - a procedure for the care and restoration of the damaged hair structure.However, it does not always have the opportunity to take advantage of professional salon tools.In this case, the rescue comes a regular table gelatin.Gelatin contains natural collagen protein, which helps to strengthen and restore damaged and split ends.It covers a thin film of hair, giving it natural shine and protection from the effects of styling products and the environment.

gelatin Recipes masks at home

There are many kinds of popular recipes masks containing gelatin.

easiest recipe includes only water and gelatin.It must be dissolved in water and applied to the hair for 40 minutes.Then rinse well with water.If

add a mask oil, for example, burdock, it will also contribute to the growth of hair as burdock beneficial effect on the roots of the head and awakens the dormant hair follicles.However, do not abuse such a mask, otherwise there is a risk to make the hair too oily and heavy.

can add to gelatin honey mask.It has nourishing and moisturizing properties.For short hair will be enough one spoon of honey, for long - two or three.

also well mask with lemon juice.This mask is suitable for owners of oily hair.Lemon restores normal sebaceous glands and reduces sebum production.

gelatin mask for dry hair - a step by step recipe

For very dry, lifeless hair into a gelatin mask is recommended to add an egg yolk.To prepare the masks need:

  • gelatin - 3 tbsp.Spoon egg
  • hot water

  1. When preparing mask for long hair soaked gelatin in hot water, but not boiling water (!), about 10-15 minutes until the gelatin does not swell and does not dissolve.
    Tip!Instead of water, you can soak the gelatin in the milk, broth chamomile and other herbs, so at the mask will be even more beneficial properties.
  2. separate the yolk from the protein and carefully intervene in gelatin.Then add a mask of your favorite hair conditioner.He will wash well the hair from the mask.

    Attention!Gelatin must be a little cool because if you add egg yolk into the hot gelatin, it is cooked, and the hair will smell omelette.
  3. Before applying the mask the hair must be well comb, then wash with shampoo.Then, a little dry with a towel.

  4. mask can be applied with a brush or a special hands.

  5. on hair wear a cap or polyethylene wrap, wrap a towel.

  6. In the first 10 minutes to warm up the hair dryer periodically, and then leave for another 30 minutes.
  7. After this time, rinse your head with water.No other means to use is not necessary.Place the hair dryer or dry naturally.After such a mask hair becomes soft and shiny.

Gelatin mask should not be used more than once a week, as the hair can get used to the gelatin, and the mask will lose its properties.

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