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Oil dandruff - useful tips and recipes

Which oil is used for dandruff?

to moisten the scalp can use special oils for dandruff:

  • it may be the oil is not too thick consistency - burdock or coconut oil enriched
  • - tea tree, juniper, eucalyptus oil.

Both type of oil in its pure form is applied to the pipette (or syringe without a needle) on the scalp and then to distribute on hair comb.

recommend oil before use warm water bath.But it is not easy on heating, the oil must be body temperature, so that the scalp was not burned.
also listed oil can be added to the daily care: drip 3-5 drops in a bottle of shampoo or washing, rubbing shampoo in hand, to add a drop of oil.This amount of oil without weighing hair and cover their troubled film.

Moisturizing Spray with oil dandruff - a recipe

advise at home to make moisturizing spray (for the scalp, and for the ends) with a few drops of your favorite, combined with each other oils, and pure water or a light floral / herbalbroth.The only rule - no dense, saturated oils - they just settle on t

he hair "spots" and any of a good effect will not take place.

  • tonic effect for the hair and scalp, as well as a charge of energy will be a good mix of chamomile broth with a few drops of lemon essential oil (or other citrus fruits).
  • for total peace and calm fit mint broth combined with lavender oil.Lavender mute and soften the sharp smell, and will stimulate hair growth.
  • Broth nettle with a thick grass smell, can be diluted with rosehip oil - such blows will heal and strengthening effect on the hair and scalp.

choosing a combination of oils and broths, must be guided by their own preferences - such combinations harmony prevails smell and texture.

Spray AIFM dandruff can be converted in an indelible and enriches before washing.The main rule - moderation.Oil can not be abused.Use oil as a separate element of care, and as enrichment for shampoos, masks, air conditioners, through time, in order to avoid saturation and the adhesive effect of unwashed hair.

oil to help get rid of dandruff, we must not forget about the scrub head and time exfoliates dead skin cells.

Tip!When you first apply the oil, be sure to test for allergic reactions.Apply a drop of oil in the crook of the elbow.If no redness, prolonged pinching and other adverse reactions not followed - the oil is right for you.

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